My How We’ve Grown!

There is an old Mexican proverb that states, “They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.”

This proverb resonates with Call Center Plus. Why?  We began as a home-based business in a bedroom loft by a single mom with zero business experience as a means of supporting her children while still being home with them. The odds of succeeding suggest that any one of those factors would be cause for failure. Add them all together and failure within the first two years would be almost certain. However the odds of success never went up against someone with as much faith, determination, and imagination as Ilene.

Before long at all the business outgrew the loft. In order to still be home with her children and to keep overhead low, Ilene converted part of her garage into office space. With shear grit, determination, faith, and prayer, she used her innate abilities to grow and nurture the business. A call center requires the use of sophisticated equipment, so out of necessity to keep things running smoothly, she also learned everything she could about computer hardware, software, and servers. She became a topnotch IT specialist as she learned to build, troubleshoot, repair, and program computers. Now, as a result of her business savvy, here we are 22 years later, moving into a brand new office building!

We may be changing locations but one thing will never change. We will always maintain a high level of commitment to our customers. We will continue to think outside the box so we can help you handle your unique call center needs. We will still answer the phone, still send a page or text or fax or email, still take orders, still take care of your customers like they were our very own. We will take care of you, 24/7/365.

The bigger call centers could not buy us out or squeeze us out. The odds of failure in the business world could not bury or destroy us. We were seeds that have blossomed and flourished. Not only did we hold our own, we moved ahead!

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