Handyman Answering Service

Call Center Plus live 24 hr handyman answering service will help fix it.

Can you fix it? Oh yes, you can! Can we help you do it better? Why, yes, we can!

Answering Service for Handyman

Handyman Answering Service

A good handyman is a jack of all trades. Electrical, plumbing, roofing, carpentry, masonry, finish work … you name it, you can do it. Whether under a sink or high up on a ladder, the last thing you need to do is answer a ringing phone. However, that phone call may be a new client. What a dilemma! You cannot drop what you are doing to answer the phone, so you do the next best thing and let the call go to voice mail. That should take care of it, right? Wrong!

When people need a handyman, they are usually in a hurry. They have waited too long to have the service done, and now want to book the person who speaks to them first. Some people might leave a voice mail, but studies show most people won’t. They will just go to the next name on the list. By the time you can call them back, they may have even forgotten that they called you. That is why you need a live 24-hour handyman answering service.

Call Center Plus live handyman answering service is here 24 hours to answer your phones, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

We are the handyman’s handyman! We are here 24/7/365.

As your handyman answering service we provide a personal touch by answering your phones in your answer phrase. We gather all the pertinent information you need, including a name, address, phone number, email address and a detailed message outlining the services they need. With a little information from you, we can even answer some of the basic questions callers typically ask.  And even if they ask questions we cannot answer, when we gather their information and promise them a call back, they still feel like they have been given personal attention. They will wait for your call rather than go to your competitor.

Just like the services you provide, we also give you access to all of our services all of the time, all for the same cost. You pay a nominal account maintenance fee and then just pay for operator time used … no bundled minutes! We also round to the nearest second, not minute, and that saves you more money. We also save you the costs of hiring a receptionist. You won’t be paying us wages, benefits, or vacation pay. And instead of only being available 40 hours a week, we are here round the clock.

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Our answering services for your handyman business can help your business grow.

When we take care of your customers from the start and then you promptly get back to them, their confidence in your services grows. They are more than likely going to sing your praises to friends and family members who are looking for a service such as yours.

Call Center Plus is a US based, decades old company. We do not outsource our services to other offices or countries. English is our first language. In case on inclement weather, no worries! We have an over-sized generator that keeps us running when Mother Nature is shutting everyone else down.

Hiring Call Center Plus as your handyman answering service is like always having a favorite tool in your tool bag!

Give us a call. We are here to answer any questions you may have.
Can we fix it? Together, yes we can! Call Center Plus .. we answer your phones.

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