Call Center Plus – Your Boutique Answering Service

At Call Center Plus, we often call ourselves an answering service ‘boutique’. Why? Because we are not a cookie cutter answering service. We answer the phone for every type of business you can think of and we meet the specific needs of every individual client.

Telephone Answering Service
Telephone Answering Service

We take great care to personalize each account because we know that no two businesses are the same … even within the same field. When we take your calls, we answer the phone in your business answer phrase. We see your business logo on the computer screen. These personal touches remind us who we serve and help us feel like a real extension of your office. We truly care about your business and your success.

When is it time switch your answering service?

If you can answer ‘yes’ (or even ‘I don’t know’) to any of the following, it may be time to switch to Call Center Plus:
• Is your answering service just an answering service? For instance, can they schedule your appts? Make reminder calls to your scheduled clients? Place your product orders for callers? Contact your emergency personnel at any time of the day or night? At Call Center Plus, we do all that and lots more.
• Does your answering service broker out your services? Most people do not realize that when you sign up with an answering service, chances are they are not really answering your phones. Chances are, they are actually an answering service broker and they hired another call center to take your calls! At Call Center Plus, when you hire us, you get us. We never broker our services out to anyone.
• Do you have a hard time reaching a real person within a reasonable amount of time when you need to make any changes to your account? At Call Center Plus, our management team is easily accessible and willing to help you make big and little changes in a quick and timely manner.
• Are you paying too much for your answering service? Give us a try. We are confident we can compete with what you are already paying, especially considering all the services we can provide.

Not only do we provide individualized ‘boutique’ services, but we are able to do SO much more than most call centers. Keep reading to see a sample of what we can do for you!

We place orders.

For our clients with any type of online shopping cart, we help caller place orders. As an example, we place orders for car parts, human and pet health supplements, flower and grass seeds, and farrier products, just to name a few.

To see a sample script for order placing businesses AND to send yourself a sample message, go here:

We schedule client/patient appointments.

Do you have a business that requires that your clients schedule an appointment for services? Massage therapists, chiropractors, eye doctors, mental health counselors, and roofing contractors are just a few of our clients who use our services for scheduling their clients or patients.

To see a sample script for scheduling appointments AND to send yourself a sample message, go here:

We contact emergency on call personnel.

Does your business require that someone be on call for after-hours calls? We call that person! For example, we call the on-call mortician for death calls in the middle of the night. Or we call techs for restoration companies to remove water from basements. Doctors and hospice organizations use our services for after-hours emergency calls. We send technicians out to fix commercial freezers or ovens in restaurants. Property managers hire us to contact the after hours maintenance team. Locksmith services use us to send on-call techs out to unlock cars or homes. If you have on-call personnel, we’ve got you covered.

To see a sample script for contacting on call personnel AND to send yourself a sample message, go here:

We take messages.

Many clients just want us to get some information from callers and get a message back to the client. We take very basic or very detailed messages, depending on client needs. Do you just need a name, phone number, and email address? You got it. Or do you need lots of details like where, when, what, why, and who? You got that, too!

To see a sample script for a message taking client AND to send yourself a sample message, go here:

What does all this cost?

At Call Center Plus, we offer several billing options to meet the needs of your individual business. Go to this link to see our pricing information. Pricing

Maybe it’s time to switch to Call Center Plus!
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