Restaurant Reservations Answering Services

Why would a busy restaurant need the services of a call center reservation service? Because you are a busy restaurant, that’s why.

The ability for customers to make reservations is crucial to your thriving business.

But is seems those reservation calls come in at the worst times! Like when you are right in the middle of a huge rush. Or just as you are walking out the door after a long, busy day. The caller can just leave a voice mail if no one is there to pick up the call and then you can call back later, right? Oh so wrong. Most people will not leave a voice message, they will just go to the next restaurant on the list. You have just lost a customer who wanted to make a reservation for an event such as an office party, wedding shower, graduation, rehearsal dinner, or any other special event. Call Center Plus will take that call, get all the information you need, and assure your valued client that someone will call them back with dates and times and menu selections.

How to solve the reservation problem.

Answering Service for Restaurant Reservations

Restaurant Reservation Answering Service

Maybe you have solved the reservation problem by creating an online reservation system. Now all people need to do is go online to make the reservation instead of call you. Problem solved? Yes and no. You would be so surprised to find out how many people are hesitant to do anything online. Once again, if they cannot call and talk to someone to make the reservation, they will go to the next restaurant. When you have a live call center reservation service that answers the phone in a professional, yet personal way for every call you get and who can take reservations any time of the day or night you now have the assurance that your services are being booked in a timely manner. You won’t be losing customers to other restaurants just because they couldn’t call and make a reservation. We can use your online reservation program to help those who decide to call in rather than make the reservation on line.

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Our billing is simple.

You pay a nominal account maintenance fee and then just a per-minute fee for the length of the call. It is rounded to the nearest second, not minute so there is a savings right there.  If you are concerned about the cost, ask yourself, “How much money am I losing on customers who will not use the reservation link or leave a message?” And consider, this is not just the loss for one evening, but also as a returning customer who will bring friends and family back to eat your amazing food. Chances are great that you are set to lose more than what you will be paying out by using our services.

Check us out. Any questions? Give us a call. We do not want you to have any reservations about your reservations.

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