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You never know when a record heatwave or a terrible blizzard will make your demanding business even more so. One thing you do know is that competition in your line of work is as fierce as anything Mother Nature throws at you. Missing a call from either a potential client or an existing client is never good! Why? Because that client just may call the next guy on the list. So what are you to do? Solution: Hire Call Center Plus HVAC Answering Services!

Hire Call Center Plus HVAC Answering Services!

Blowing hot and cold air are important functions of your HVAC business. However, when it comes to customer service, that is the last thing you want. In your business, the needs and demands of your customers are as varied as what different people determine the perfect temperature to be.

Answering service for HVAC company

HVAC Answering Services

We will answer your phones 245/7/365.

Whether you are installing a new AC unit or doing a tune up on a furnace, the last thing you need is to stop and answer your phone. Or worse, miss a call and miss a job. Call Center Plus HVAC answering service is a 24/7/365 answering service. We make it so that you can be accessible to your customers and potential customers any time of the day or night.

At Call Center Plus, you have the option to decide how much you need or want to use our services. We customize what we do to meet and exceed your needs. Call Center Plus HVAC answering services can answer your phones, take messages, schedule appointments, answer simple questions, and do it all 24/7. We can also take your emergency calls and dispatch them out to the on call tech no matter what time of the day or night the call comes in. When the phone rings, we answer in your answer phrase, which keeps the continuity between your clients and your actual office. We will immediately send the call info to you via email, SMS text message, or both.

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The Cost is Affordable! 

We charge a flat, nominal fee every 4 weeks, which covers your account maintenance and gives you 100 minutes of operator time. Once you use those minutes, you are charged a nominal per minute charge for only the additional minutes that you use. We bill in real time, so the charge is not rounded to the nearest minute but only for the time actually used. Phones answered = more clients = more money for your business= business growth.

We are based in northern Utah. We do not outsource our services. You hire Call Center Plus and Call Center Plus delivers the services you need.

Have you considered that when you use our services, you avoid paying for vacation time, sick leave, training time, or any of the overhead costs involved with hiring a 40 hour-per-week receptionist?  Again, we only charge you for what you use.

We are a decades old, U.S. based business. English is our first language. We have never, nor will we ever, outsource our services and we do everything “in house”.

Go ahead! Give us a try!

Using Call Center Plus HVAC 24/7 answering services will help you keep your cool!