Sales Lead Answering Services

Looking for ways to dramatically increase you company’s bottom line? If you are already using creative marketing and advertising strategies in hopes of generating interest in your services, you should expect an increase in inbound calls. Who is going to answer all those extra calls? Let Call Center Plus Sales Lead Answering Services take those calls and help you optimize your efforts.

Our skilled professional operators are ready to qualify and capture leads from inbound inquiries.

Let us be a part of your sales team.  How?  First, we start by answering the phone in your answer phrase, thus keeping continuity with your office. Then, we ask all the questions you need asked to qualify a caller for you. Next, we immediately send the message to you via email, text message, or both. Call Center Plus live, inbound, sales lead answering services extends your operating hours and increases your brand impact since we are available 24/7/365. Bottom line … we can take a warm prospect and turn it into a solid lead for you.

Can your business really afford to take the chance of missed calls?

Answering Service for Lead Generation

Sales Lead Answering Service

Maybe you are thinking that after hours callers could just leave a voice mail. Well, they could… but they probably won’t. Studies show that most people hate voice mail. And even if a few people actually bother to leave a voice mail, they rarely think you will actually answer them promptly, so they still look elsewhere.

We make billing simple.

Worried about what this would cost you? You should be more worried about how many leads and how much revenue you are missing out on when you miss a call we could have taken.

We make billing simple. For instance, we do not make you sign a contract to pay for any certain amount of bundled minutes. We bill on a 4 week cycle. You will pay a small account maintenance fee and then just the actual amount of minutes used. In addition, we round to the nearest second, not minute, so you only pay for what you use.

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We are a US based, woman owned company. English is our first language so your callers will understand us! In most cases we can have your account up and running in 24-48 business hours. We have redundancy backup systems in place, including a powerful generator in case of inclement weather. We can always answer your phone.

Take a look around our site and download our brochure. Still have questions? Give us a call. Ask about any specials we may be running. Call Center Plus Sales Lead Answering Services will help you achieve success.

Call Center Plus … we answer your phones.

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