Self Storage Answering Service

Every storage unit you rent increases your profits. Every empty unit depletes them.

Let Call Center Plus show you how a Self Storage Answering Service can increase your sales and eliminate some stress.

How much money can you stand to lose a day before it begins to affect your bottom line? Probably not that much. How many calls are you possibly missing each day that could result in rented units?

Maybe it’s time to consider hiring a 24/7/365 Self-Storage Answering Service like Call Center Plus.

Answering Service for Self Storage

Self Storage Answering Service

If you are thinking you do not need a live answering service because you use voicemail or an answering machine you are sadly mistaken. Do you realize that in today’s world, people want what they want and they want it now! If they call your business and get voicemail, chances are huge they will not leave a message and hope for a call back who knows when, but instead, they will go on to the next business on the list and call them! That means an empty storage unit that could have been filled if the caller had reached a real-live person on the other end of the line. How many months of rent could that missed call cost you?

Call Center Plus live 24 hour answering service is here and ready to take your calls any time of the day or night.

We are always available. When you leave the office at night, we are still here. We don’t take vacations or sick days. When the phone rings, we will answer in your answer phrase. We understand the need for lead capturing so we will gather the name and phone number of the caller and get you that information immediately by email, text, phone call or any or all of these mentioned ways. We can answer the basic questions the caller may have. If you give us access to available units with their prices, we can even take care of gathering the necessary information and the deposit required. We will then send you a message filling you in on what was done.

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Whether you have one self-storage location or several, we can help you with them all.

We can become your total 24 hour, 24/7/365 self-storage call center solution. We schedule appointments, take deposits on new rentals, take messages, and give pricing and unit information. You name it, we do it. We will customize what we do to just what you need. You will soon wonder what you ever did without us.

Can you afford a call center?

We charge a flat, nominal fee every 4 weeks, which covers your account maintenance and gives you 100 minutes of operator time. Once you use those minutes, you are charged a nominal per minute charge for only the additional minutes that you use. We bill in real time, so the charge is not rounded to the nearest minute but only for the time actually used. Phones answered = more clients = more money for your business= business growth.

We are based in northern Utah. We do not outsource our services. You hire Call Center Plus and Call Center Plus delivers the services you need.

Look around our website. Give us a call. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may still have.

Call Center Plus … your complete customer service call center.

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