Event Planning Consultants Answering Service

CCPlus’s Event Planning Answering Service is the final touch you need to elevate all your events. Let us show you you.

It is the little things that count.

The success or failure of any party or event is found in the tiniest of details. There are a ton of calls that have to be made or answered, from flowers to food, linens to limos, rehearsals to rsvp’s and everything in between. Keeping track and on top of the details is a 24-hour job. You need an army of assistants, but who can afford that? You can! When you use Call Center Plus as your 24-hour live party planning answering service you get our staff 24/7/365 for about the same price as what you would pay one assistant who only works 8-9 hours a day. Using Call Center Plus as your live 24-hour event planning or party planning answering service is like having that army of assistants.

What can a live answering service do for you?

First, we provide you with a number to forward any or all of your phones to us, including

Event Planners Call Center

Answering Servcie for Event Planners

your office, cell, and home phones. Then, when the phone rings we answer with your answer phrase. In addition, we do any or all of the following, according to your needs and wants:

  1. Take your messages
  2. Confirm your RSVP’s
  3. Schedule appointments with new clients
  4. Answer caller questions such as directions to the event, local places for accommodations, etc.
  5. Send reminders to you to keep you on schedule
  6. Answer basic FAQ’s
  7. Free up lots of time you usually spend on the phone
  8. Any other little (or big) job you may require

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When you hire Call Center Plus you receive all of our services, all of the time.

We customize your account to meet your exact needs. For instance, we deliver the messages we take for you via email, text message, or both. And we send that message to as many contacts as necessary all at one time.

As you are well aware, in every business, cost is always a factor. But we make it simple. We bill every 28 days and charge a nominal account maintenance fee per each billing cycle. Then we only charge for the actual operator time you use. In addition, we round to the nearest second, not minute. Plus, we don’t obligate you to sign up for a set number of minutes and you don’t have to sign a contract committing you to stay with our services for a specific length of time.

At Call Center Plus, we believe we have what it takes to keep up with and exceed what you need in an answering service and we look forward to a long, productive partnership.

Let Call Center Plus be your Event Planning Answering Service.

callcenterplus.com…We Answer Your Phones!

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