Using a Call Center for Investment Financial Advisors

As an investment financial advisor you spend your time and efforts helping people make the most of what they have in order to obtain what they want.  At Call Center Plus, we get that! We offer live 24-hour investment financial advisor answering services to help you make the most of the time you have to build the business you want.

How about this for sound financial advice?

Missed calls can cost you thousands of dollars a year.  Spending all day on the phone is also costly. If you are missing calls when you are in meetings or with other clients, or if your calls are going to voice mail, the caller may decide to go in search of someone who answers the phone. A live telephone answering service for investment bankers and financial advisors, such as Call Center Plus, can act as an initial point of contact for you.

Here is how an answering service works for an Investment Financial Advisor:

  • We customize our services so that you get exactly what you need. You get all of our services all the time. We are here 24/7/365.
  • You get personalized call answering. We provide you with a proprietary number to forward you phones to, including the office, your cell, and home numbers.  When the phone rings, one of our operators answer with your unique answer phrase. The caller thinks they have one of your associates on the phone (and in a way, they do!).
  • We take the caller’s message according to the information you want us to collect and then immediately email, and/or SMS text the message to you. If you like, we can even patch the caller through to you.
  • We do not have contracts that lock you into a certain number of minutes or a certain length of time. During each billing cycle you pay a nominal account maintenance fee and then for the operator time you use. Nothing more – nothing less. Our billing for operator time is rounded to the nearest second, not the nearest minute. That alone saves you money.

 Let us be your virtual office staff!

As your business grows and improves, there is an increasing demand on your time. When Call Center Plus acts as your virtual office staff, providing live 24-hour investment financial advisor answering services, you have you more time to spend with your clients. We answer the phones and field the calls.

Never worry about missing calls, or the missed revenue they can generate again.  Let Call Center Plus be your live telephone investment advisor answering service.  That is advice you “can take to the bank”!…we answer the phones.

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