Medical Equipment Answering Service

As a supplier of medical equipment and oxygen to hospitals, care facilities, homecare and hospice dealers, or to the actual patient, we know you value your clients’ needs and care about meeting those needs.  Every phone call is too important to miss. Yet, you cannot be at the office 24/7 to answer the phones every minute of every day and you run the risk of missing a call to your cell phone. There is a simple solution to this problem. Just let Call Center Plus medical equipment answering service get those calls. You won’t ever have to miss another call!

Let CCPlus’s Medical Equipment Answering Service let you take care of your patients while we take care of your calls. Let us show you how.

How can a medical equipment answering service benefit you?

Answering Service for Medical Equipment Company

Medical Equipment Answering Service

You work hard to build up a relationship with hospital, assisted living centers, hospice and
home health care facilities, private care givers, and nursing agencies. Your services are vital to their clients. When they call you they expect to get someone on the other end of the line.

If your clients or potential clients get your voice mail, they may hang up and look elsewhere. Why? Because people HATE to leave voicemail! How many clients can you afford to lose? If, instead of voicemail, the caller gets a warm and friendly voice on the other end, their confidence and trust in you increases. When we help you take care of your clients, they are more likely to use you again and again and recommend you to others.

Call Center Plus live medical equipment answering service is here 24/7/365. 

At Call Center Plus, we can take your calls any time you need us to, whether for after hours, holidays, overflow calls, or even 24/7. We will answer your phones in your answer phrase, making the caller feel like they have reached your business.

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Many call centers will make you customize your needs to meet their services. But at Call Center Plus, we customize our services to meet your needs. You are under no obligation to sign a contract. We don’t make you choose a bundled package of services. Instead, you will be billed a nominal account maintenance fee every 4 weeks and then simply pay for the amount of minutes used in a billing cycle. We bill in real time which means that we round to the nearest second, not minute. That will save you a lot over a short amount of time.

How does a medical equipment answering service work?

As stated above, when your calls come in, we answer them with your answer phrase. Then we will get each message immediately to you via email or text message, or both. We can send your messages to as many people as you need us to, depending on your protocol. Do you want us to call your on-call tech? Call Center Plus medical equipment answering services can contact a tech if there is a need to have any equipment repaired, replaced or picked up. We will patch or dispatch calls to your tech as soon as we get the call. And, if you want, we will follow up with the tech to make sure the issue was taken care of.

We are great at answering basic questions if you provide us with a list of FAQ’s. We do not outsource our services. English is our first language.

A storm may take out your phone services, but we will still be here.

We are reliable. You can be at ease that when we promise 24/7 service, that is just what you will receive. We have a large generator back up system to keep us up when Mother Nature takes everyone else down.

Call Center Plus Medical Equipment answering services gives you the edge you need to keep ahead of the competition and help your business thrive. If you are serious about creating a successful business, we are serious about helping you reach that goal.

Go ahead, download our brochure and set-up form. Look for any specials we may be running. Mention that you read this and get free set up.

Call Center Plus … we answer your phones.

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