Book Sellers Answering Services

Let CCPlus’s Book Sellers Answering Service help you be a best seller. Here’s how.

You’ve written a book. You’ve created a website with a shopping cart to sell the book. Now everyone can simply go to the site and place an order. Sounds straight forward and simple enough. Nothing can beat this system, right? Wrong!

Believe it or not, there are many people who refuse to place an online order. They do not want to put their information ‘out there’. And then what about those who do not own a computer or who have terrible Internet access?  If you do not have a book seller answering service, you are losing sales. Lost sales equal lost revenue.

How can Call Center Plus book seller answering service benefit you?

Answering Service for Book Sellers

Book Sellers Answering Service

Call Center Plus book seller 24 hour live answering service uses cutting edge technology
which enables us to customize your account to meet your needs. When a customer calls us to order your book, we answer the phone in your answer phrase. We place the order for the customer as though he/she were placing the order. Time zones and work schedules make no difference to our staff as we are here 24/7/365. If the caller is still sitting on the fence about ordering or not, we are able to answer general questions about your book with the FAQ’s you provide to us. This most often leads to a sale. If you are going to be doing a book tour or a book signing, we can provide that information to callers. Not only will we be your order desk and customer service center, but we will act as your promoter as well.

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Is the cost of a book seller answering service worth it?

Yes! If you are missing calls, you are missing revenue, not only from that one caller, but by those they recommend your book to. Our pricing is simple, straight forward, and easy to understand. There are no contracts to purchase a bundled amount of minutes. You will pay a small account maintenance fee and then just pay for the operator minutes used after that. In other words, you are paying for just what you use. We bill in real time, which means we bill to the nearest second, not minute.  The additional book sales you will gather will more than pay for the services.

Call Center Plus is a US based company. English is our first language. We have not, do not, and will not outsource our clients to other call centers in other locations or countries. We do everything “in house” to make sure you are getting quality service from qualified operators.

Look around our website. Give us a call for more information. Ask if we are running any specials.

Call Center Plus Book Seller Answering Services will make you a best seller.

Call Center Plus … we answer your phones.

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