Funeral Home Answering Service

We excel at reducing the stress associated with being a funeral director.

As a funeral director, you deal with families who are going through one of the most stressful events of life. But that does not mean your own life has to be stress filled.  A funeral home answering service or mortuary answering service, such as Call Center Plus, can reduce the stress of running your funeral home business. We excel in meeting your unique needs.

We work the graveyard shift (no pun intended) seven days a week and are here to answer your phones and dispatch the call to your on-call person when you are not available. When we receive a call from a family member, care facility, hospice, or hospital nurse we gather all pertinent information for you. We gather who is calling, name of the deceased, where they are located, a call back number, which facility the family would like their loved one taken to (in the event you have more than one location) and one of the most important questions…when the family would be ready to have you come for their loved one. They need time to say their good-byes and we would never want to send one of your directors too soon.

We do more than dispatching your after hours calls.

If you have a website where you list all upcoming services, we provide callers with viewing

Funeral Home Call Center

Call Center Plus – Mortuary Answering Service

and funeral information. Do you have a florist that you recommend? Many out-of-town callers want to send flowers but have no idea which florist to use. Give us your preferred florist’s contact info and we can handle these calls as well.

During normal office hours if you need us to take the phones while you are conducting services, meeting with a family, or just to take a lunch break, turn your phones over and we will happily take those calls for you.

Reduce the stress of running a mortuary or funeral home. Let Call Center be your funeral home answering service.

Call Center Plus…we answer your phone.

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