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CCP’s Management Team has over 50 years of combined Telephone Answering Service experience. Let the Call Center Plus’s Administration Group help you manage and grow your business.

Ilene Christensen – Call Center Plus Owner

Ilene Christensen – Owner:

I started Call Center Plus over 28 years ago as a single mom trying to find a way to financially support three children and still be available to meet their emotional needs, therefore the first few years were pretty tough. The growth and success of the business is something I will always be grateful for! I see life as one big adventure and look forward to every single day. When not working, I love to get outside and go on adventures on my Harley the Can- AM side by side or my e-bike. I taught myself how to manage all the IT issues at the Call Center and even moved all the servers to our new location in 2016. Our clients had no idea we made the move. To read more about my adventures through life, go to HERE. Life is truly a BEAUTIFUL ride!

Debbie Christofferson - Quality Control Specialist
Debbie Christofferson – Quality Control Specialist

Debbie Christofferson – Quality Control Specialist:

I am the mom of 4 amazing kids and go by Nana to 13 adorable grandchildren. I was born in New Mexico and have lived in Colorado, Texas, Idaho, Michigan, Arizona, and Utah. Logan has been my home for about 25 years. I received an advanced degree in the field of nutrition and worked as a dietitian for about 10 years. Although I no longer practice in the nutrition field, I will always be passionate about healthy eating! When not at work, I love to spend time outside in my yard and garden. I love to grow good food and beautiful flowers! I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and am so grateful for the abundant blessings in my life!

Kelsie Dawn Neel

Kelsie Dawn Neel – Accounts Manager and IT Specialist:

Hi! I am Kelsie, aka-Kelsie Dawn of a New Day and I have literally grown up in the business. As Ilene’s daughter I have always been her right hand gal. I used to come hang out at the office until my mom put me officially to work when I was 15. This was not my first job though. My entrepreneurial adventures began when I decided that more money could be made running a candy store out of our home than any lemonade stand. I would ride my bike into town, catch the transit bus that would take me to a grocery store on the opposite end of the valley, fill a backpack full of candy, and make the return trip back home.  There was usually quite a steady stream of neighborhood kids lining our driveway to get the goodies.

Upon high school graduation, I attended Utah State University with  a double major in Ceramic Arts and Photography and later attended Bridgerland Applied Technology College, earning a degree in Culinary Arts.

Mom to 3, I love to create over the top, handmade Halloween costumes, elaborate birthday parties, and creative room mother treats at my kid’s school.

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