Naturopathic-Holistic Answering Services

Your unique business is geared towards a more natural or holistic approach for your patients and their health.  You understand that human contact and human interaction go a long way in the healing process. And that is exactly why you need the services of a live 24/hour Naturopathic-Holistic answering service to help you manage your growing business. 

Why do you need a live, naturopathic/holistic answering service?

Let me explain. Voice mail and answering machines are unnatural. There is no human contact.  When potential patients or even your existing patients call, they may be in pain or struggling in some way.  If met with a recorded message instead of a real person, they will hopefully decide to leave a message, expecting a call back. But … because most people hate leaving a voicemail, they may decide to look elsewhere for help.  Having a 24 hour, live, naturopathic answering service means that a living, breathing, human will answer your phones no matter when the call comes in.

Naturopathic-Holistic Answering Services

How does it work?

We will answer your phones in your answer phrase. This establishes continuity between you, the call center, and your patients.  Our operators can take messages and deliver them to you immediately through email and/or SMS text messaging. When necessary, we will transfer the caller directly to you or any on call personnel.  If you use an internet-based scheduling program we can schedule, reschedule, or cancel patient appointments for you.  Provide us with a list of FAQ’s, and we can answer basic office questions, but will never diagnose. We are HIPAA compliant so you can be assured that your patients will be treated with the same level of confidentiality as you would offer.

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What is the Cost?

We charge a flat, nominal fee every 4 weeks, which covers your account maintenance and gives you 100 minutes of operator time. Once you use those minutes, you are charged a nominal per minute charge for only the additional minutes that you use. We bill in real time, so the charge is not rounded to the nearest minute but only for the time actually used. Phones answered = more clients = more money for your business= business growth.

We are based in northern Utah. We do not outsource our services. You hire Call Center Plus and Call Center Plus delivers the services you need.

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Get customized service!

Call Center Plus Naturopathic-Holistic Answering Services is the perfect match for your needs. You get 100 % of our services 100% of the time. We customize our services to meet your needs not the other way around.

Combine your passion for holistic/naturopathic healing and our passion for excellent customer service and we create a perfect combination for dependable, professional, and specialized care for your patients.  Visit our website at to get started. Or you can give us a call.

Call Center Plus, we answer the phone.

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