Heating Contractor Answering Services

Blowing hot air is an important function of your Heating Contracting business, however when it comes to customer service it is the last thing you want to do!  In your business, the needs and demands of your customers are as varied as what people determine the perfect temperature to be.  You also never know when a terrible blizzard or record cold snap will make your demanding business even more so.  One thing you do know is that competition in your line of work is as fierce as anything Mother Nature throws at you. So what are you to do?  You hire a heating contractor call center!

Answering Service for Heating Contractors

Heating Contractor Answering Service

Why hire an answering service?

Call Center Plus Heating Contractor Answering Services is a 24/7 service that makes you accessible to your customers any time of the day or night.  When you are installing or servicing a furnace, the last thing you need it is to stop and answer your phone. However, if the phone does not get answered you risk missing a call and missing the job.  Call Center Plus heating contractor answering services can answer your phones, take messages, schedule appointments, answer simple questions based on info you give us, and do it 24/7.  We can answer your emergency calls and dispatch them out to your on call tech.

We will answer your phones 245/7/365. You decide how much you need to or want to use our services. We answer in your answer phrase which keeps the continuity between your clients and your actual office, virtual or real.  We will take messages and immediately send them to you via email, SMS text or both.  If you like, we can actually schedule your estimate appointments. We can also make calls back to your clients for you, freeing you up to do the job you do best.  Bottom line, we can customize what we do to meet and exceed your wants and needs.

How much will it cost?

Speaking of bottom line, we understand that every business needs to look at the “bottom line”.  As already stated, when we answer your phones, you save money.  When we answer your phones we are available 24/7. You are not paying us for vacation time, sick leave, training time, or any of the overhead costs involved with hiring someone to come in the office for just 40 hours a week. We only charge you for the time you use. Most other companies require that you pick a plan with a specified number of minutes in it. You often end up paying for minutes not even used.

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We bill on a 4 week billing cycle. You are billed a nominal account maintenance fee each cycle, and then you only pay for time used. We bill in real time, meaning we round the time to the nearest second, not minute. That is a savings right there. We do not lock you in to a contract for a specific length of time and you are free to leave at any time. However, when you see what we can do for you and how much smoother your business runs, we are confident you will not want to leave.

We are a decades old, US based business. English is our first language.  We have never, nor will we ever, outsource our services.   We do everything “in house”.

Call Center Plus Heating Contractor answering services helps you keep your customers warm and cozy 24/7/365.