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Electrical Contractor Answering Service

Electrical contractors light up our lives. You keep us plugged in. You have a demanding job. When you are working on a repair or wiring a house its hard to just drop what you are doing when your phone rings. Yet if you don’t answer the phone you may lose a big job. We don’t have to tell you that the electrical contracting business is a very competitive business. You simple cannot afford to miss any calls. What we can tell you is how a live electrical contractor answering service or electrician answering service can help you stay one big step ahead of your competition.

Call Center Plus is here to offer live answering services for electricians

We understand that one missed call can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in lost revenue. You never need to miss another call again. How? We man our call center 24/7/365 to take your calls. We give you a proprietary number to forward all you phones to. That includes your office phones, cell phones, home phones – any or all of them.

When a customer calls your number the call is routed to our live telephone answering service where we answer the phone with your answer phrase. We take your messages and gather all the information you need, such as determining if the job is residential, commercial, or industrial, and if it involves new construction, remodeling, repairs, etc.  We also schedule appointments if you like, and in case of emergencies, we get emergency messages straight to your on-call technicians via SMS text messaging, emailing, or by calling the tech directly.

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We gather the important information you need, including customer name, address, phone number, and customer issue. We email, fax, SMS text, or call you with the information. If you like, we send the message multiply ways to multiple people all at the same time.

Many other answering services charge you for each and every service they offer. When you hire Call Center Plus as your answering service you are getting all of our services, all of the time. This gives you the freedom to customize your account to give you exactly what you need and want.

Call Center Plus is here to keep you “plugged” into your customers by being your 24/7 live electrical contractor telephone answering service. Give us a try.

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