Pest Control Answering Service

hoppers and creepers and scurriers

oh MY

rodents, and buzzers, and stingers

oh MY

oh my. oh my. oh why…

don’t I have a call center answering my phones?

When your hands are tied up removing wasp nests or making voles vacate it may not be the ideal time to stop what you are doing to answer a ringing cell phone. You should be concentrating on the job at hand. However, if you are not answering your phone, who is? The answer is simple…your competitors. Why, you may ask?

Answering Service for Pest Control

Pest Control Answering Service

In today’s “instant” world, people want what they want, and they want it right now. If given the option of speaking to a live person or leaving a message on an answering machine, the majority of people will choose to talk to a real person. So, if you are depending on the answering machine instead of an answering service, you can bet your bug spray you are losing customers and income! You need a live 24-hour pest control answering service.  When you choose to use an answering service such as Call Center Plus, you choose to stay ahead of your competitors.

Call Center Plus is your solution for 24/7 live pest control answering services.

We are here to answer your phones day or night…before, during or after business hours…and at times that it is inconvenient or possibly dangerous for you to answer the phone.  When you customers call your business, they deserve to speak to a live person who can answer their questions, schedule their appointment, or take their message.

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Advantages of using Call Center Plus as your 24/7 live pest control call center:

  1. We provide you with a number to forward all your phones, including your business, cell, and home numbers, or any combination of these.
  2. We answer your calls with your specific business answer phrase. We become part of your virtual office staff.
  3. We are here 24/7/365 to answer your calls. That means you never miss another call or new lead.
  4. You determine how we notify you. Do you want an email, text message, or both? We get your messages to you as soon as we take them. We also patch the caller straight to you, if you like.
  5. With a web-based calendaring system, we can schedule your appointments.
  6. We screen your calls so you never have to answer a call from a telemarketer again!
  7. We have a 28-day billing cycle. You only pay a nominal account maintenance fee plus operator time, which is billed to the nearest second, not minute.
Call Center Plus is your best choice as your answering service for pest control.

Mention Pest Control Answering Services or Call Center for Pest Control Services to receive a free 1 month trial.  Certain conditions will apply.

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