Accountant Answering Services

Tax season. That time of year when you eat cold pizza and crunch numbers. When you run on caffeine and no sleep. And … when the phones Never. Stop. Ringing! CCP’s live Account Answering Service can restore your sanity.

Whether you are trying to file your client’s yearly taxes, quarterly taxes, extensions, or work to keep their budgets balanced, one thing is for certain. The busier you are in the office, the more the phone seems to ring! This is where a live accountant answering service can save your sanity and your business. Call Center Plus’s CPA and accountant answering services is here 24/7 to answer your phones and take your messages.

What are the benefits of having an accounting answering service?

When you have an accounting firm answering service no call goes unanswered. Why is that so important? If a potential client calls your office looking for help and gets your voicemail instead of a real person on the other end of the phone, chances are huge that potential client will not leave a message. Instead, he or she will call the next accountant on the list and you will be giving business away, including all lost future earnings from that one person who could have become a lifelong client.

Accountant Answering Service

Accountant Answering Service

If you hire a receptionist to answer your phones, they will only work a 40 hour week. In addition to payroll, you will pay benefits and the expenses incurred in hiring and training. You will pay that receptionist whether the phone is ringing or not. And if the phone rings a lot, that one receptionist will only be able to answer one call at a time. For a lot less, you can hire Call Center Plus accounting answering services. We can take care of all those ringing lines!

We understand that your call volume fluctuates greatly throughout the year. No worries! We are always available to answer your calls. However, if the phone does NOT ring, you are not paying. 

We save you money

Most of time, using our services costs you less than the salary you pay a 40 hour a week receptionist. We bill on a 4-week billing cycle (view our pricing here) which includes a flat rate for services provided and a substantial amount of operator time. If your minutes exceed this time, you are then billed on a per-minute basis. We bill in real time, meaning that we do not round up to the nearest minute. You will only pay your flat rate plus any time used above and beyond the minutes included in that fee.

How does it all work?

First, we provide you with a proprietary number to which you forward your phones. Your calls are then answered by friendly and professional operators using your unique answer phrase. The operators gather the information you need and send you a message via email, text message, a dispatched call, or any of these methods. If you want to actually speak to any callers for any reason, we will patch the caller right through to you. We can send the message to just one person or to multiple people all at the same time.

You get 100% of our services 100% of the time, ensuring that we give the customer service you need for your accounting firm. We answer your calls according to your criteria and only collect the client info that you need. We can also answer basic questions if you provide us with a list of FAQs. When you hire us, you get all of us. We do not sell our services on an “a la carte” basis. 

We are a US based company with English as our first language and we never out-source our services. The weather may cause your lines to go down, but with our large back-up generator, ours will not. Your clients will always be able to get a message to you through us.

Whether a one-person office or large firm, Call Center Plus can help your CPA/accounting firm!

Whether you are just a one person office or a very large firm, Call Center Plus accounting answering service can help you improve your customer service, all while improving your bottom line. If you are serious about getting more done during your busiest times without having to sacrifice your customer service, give us a call.  Download our brochure and set-up form. When you look us over you will see that it just “adds up” to hire us.

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