Staying in Business During COVID 19

Why you need Call Center Plus Essential Services Answering Service        

This year has been an unprecedented nightmare for business owners, no matter what your business is.  Either you had to temporarily close leaving your customers, clients, or patients feeling like you are unreachable OR you are deemed essential and have been slammed with extra calls for services. In either scenario, your clients and your business is hurting.  Here is where Call Center Plus comes to the rescue. We can be your Essential Services Answering Service.

Essential Services Answering Service

First, a little about Call Center Plus. We are a US based company with only one location. That means we do not outsource out services. It also means that your calls are being answered in the US by trained agents whose first language is English.  We are here 24/7 to answer questions, take messages, make appointments, dispatch emergency teams, or anything else that you need.

Corona Consequences

Even if you had to temporarily close your business, you probably still have customers calling. You may not want to answer the phone 24 hours a day so let us do that for you. When you have updates as to when you can reopen, we can let callers know that.  If you are a business that has an online presence, we can place orders, answer questions, and help you keep your business alive.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you are a business that is considered essential, we can help.  Are you missing calls because they are coming in faster than you can answer them? How about missed orders because your phone ordering calls have blown up? Call Center Plus Essential Services answering service can help out with all of that.

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What about the cost?

Are you asking yourself if you can afford it?  Well, the better question to ask is if you can afford not to use an essential services call center! Why? If you miss a call from either a new or existing client, chances are huge they will so elsewhere. And that is money right out of your pocket. How many hits until it really hurts? 

Our billing structure is super simple. We bill every 4 weeks. Each billing cycle you will be charged a flat fee that covers account maintenance as well as giving you 100 minutes of operator time. When you hit 101 minutes you are billed at a per-minute fee. Billing is in real time which means that unlike our competitors, we do nor round to the nearest minute or 30 second increment. We bill the time used, and that is that. You are only charged for the number of minutes you use because we do not bundle any minutes.

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More Perks!

At Call Center Plus, we answer your calls in your answer phrase and we provide the services you need.  In addition, we hold you to NO longevity contracts. If something changes in your business and you find you don’t need our services anymore, you are free to leave.

Let us help you through this trying time and beyond. When you are using Call Center Plus Essential Services answering service, you can rest easy knowing you are doing what is best for you and your customers.

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