Chamber of Commerce Answering Service

 Is your chamber of commerce growing? Are you finding it more and more difficult to keep up with the increased call volume brought on by new business members and growing public interest? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions then now is the right time to consider a chamber of commerce answering service. You need Call Center Plus!

Why an Answering Service?

 Contracting with an answering service can greatly reduce current and future costs. Whether you are a new and emerging chamber of commerce, or a well-established organization, Call Center Plus can increase your level of productivity and professional appearance.

At Call Center Plus we are available to handle your organization’s incoming calls 24/7/365. By becoming virtual staff, we can even alleviate the need for permanent office space. Our answering specialists answer calls directed towards your organization, answering as if it were you.

Answering Service for Chamber of Commerce
Chamber of Commerce Answering Service

How Does it Work?

 You get a dedicated phone number just for your organization. You can forward your calls to your dedicated number or publish the number and have individuals call it directly, or both. Calls that come in are then handled based on the metrics you establish. For example, calls can be directly forwarded to individuals within the organization, messages can be taken, and texts sent out to those you specify, or we can transmit the messages via email. We’ll even do all three if you want. You’ll never have to miss another call or send calls to voicemail!

Why Wait?

 Give Call Center Plus a call today or fill out our online form and we’ll return a call to you! Become a more integrated and distinguished member of your local community. Let Call Center Plus be your chamber of commerce answering service.