Fencing Contractor Answering Services

Let Call Center Plus’s, live fencing contractor answering service help your business succeed.

Answering Service for Fencing Contractors

Fencing Contractor Answering Service

As a fencing contractor you need to stand out in the crowd, especially in trying economic times. Your ringing phone brings opportunities to expand your business and increase sales. But it isn’t always convenient to answer the phone. How can you stay on top of the ringing phone? Voicemail? Not likely and here is why – people hate leaving voicemail. In fact, they hate it so much that voicemail is just an invitation for your potential clients to give their business to any of your competitors who answers the phone. What about forwarding the calls to your cell phone? Are you seriously going to drop a fence panel or delay setting that post to answer your phone? Probably not. So, what to do? The solution is actually quite simple.

Let a fencing contractor answering service like Call Center Plus answer your phones!

We are a reliable, professional link to your customers, no matter what time of the day or night they call. A live, 24/7 fencing answering service allows you to always be in contact with potential and current customers because you always have someone covering the phone for every inbound call. Whether it is an urgent call, someone wanting an appointment for an estimate, or a simple request for information, we’ve got you covered!

We are available every minute of every day as the point of contact for your customers. As your live 24-hour inbound answering service, Call Center Plus will answer your phones in your own answer phrase. Then we will gather the specific information that you need and immediately send each message to you via email, text message, or both. If you need us to, we can patch a caller through to you or dispatch the call to your tech. We can even do a combination of any of these message delivery methods for each call.

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Our pricing is simple to understand.

At Call Center Plus, you are not committed to a contract and you do not sign up for a bundle of minutes that you may or may not use. Instead, we bill on a 4-week billing cycle and you pay a nominal account maintenance fee each billing cycle. Then, just the per minute operator fee. We bill in real time, which means we bill by the second, not minute. That alone turns into a huge savings. Clean and simple.

Your fencing business cannot succeed without happy and satisfied customers. Call Center Plus fencing contractor answering service is committed to representing your name and business flawlessly! They say you only have one chance to make a good first impression. As your fencing contractor answering service we understand this concept and promise to answer quickly and professionally, and give your customers that friendly, human touch that creates value. With Call Center Plus live fencing contractor answering services you can sleep at night knowing that we are handling your calls and keeping your customers happy.

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, Call Center Plus Fencing Contractor Answering Services is the only way to go.

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