Locksmith Answering Service

A locksmith’s business never closes. People lock themselves out of their cars, homes, and businesses at all times of the day and night. What is the best way to handle those after-hours calls? With Call Center Plus and our Locksmith Answering Service.

24 Hour Telephone Answering Service –

We are available 24/7 so you don’t have to be

We are a 24 hour telephone answering service and are available night and day to take your calls. When people get locked out of their own home, vehicle, or business, panic mode sets in. We answer your calls with your answer phrase, which immediately helps alleviate some of their anxiety. They know that help is on the way!  We gather all necessary information your on-call tech needs to service your customer. Is the customer locked out of a car? And is it running? Even worse, is a child locked inside? Or is it a house lock out? Is there a child inside? What about a a business lockout? Once we determine the type of lockout, we collect the customer’s name, address, phone number, and if it is a vehicle lockout, the make, model, year and color of the car.

Locksmith Answering Service

24-7 Locksmith Answering Service

Do you deal with insurance companies or roadside assistance companies? Great! We do too. We gather the basic information needed on the mutual customer, including the order number, name of person calling, the company they are with, VIN number, and any other information they and you may need.

Many people who call want to know how much it will cost to have you come. While we know there are always variables when it comes to prices, we can offer some basic information. Do you charge different prices depending on the city or zip code? What about charging a higher rate after a certain time of night? Do you charge more on Sundays or holidays? We never quote a set price but we can tell the caller what the minimum cost would be to have your locksmith come help them out.


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We will dispatch the emergency information to your on call locksmith, via text, email or phone call.

Call Canter Plus knows that a locksmith does more than just emergency after hour calls. What other services do you specialize in? With the FAQ’s you provide to us, we can answer many of the little questions that eat up your time every day. We are great at taking your non emergency calls and sending the messages to your office. We never want to tell a customer to call back. When that happens they may make another phone call, but it could be to one of your competitors. Like you, we do not want that to happen. We also screen your calls so that pesky telemarketers never get to you.

Call Center for Locksmiths

Locksmith Answering Service

Call Center Plus is the “key” to making your Locksmith Business run more efficiently.

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