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Let Call Center Plus be your Property Management Answering Service / Call Center

Are you managing your properties or are your properties managing you? Call Center Plus offers property management answering services that put you in control. Whether you need to answer calls about rental availability, to collect rent payment, to handle emergencies, or to take care of general maintenance requests, we can help.

Property Management Answering Service

Answering Service for Property Management Companies

Do You Need a Property Management Company Answering Service?

Five Ways a Call Center Works For Property Management Services

  1. We provide you with a phone number in your area that allows you to forward your calls to Call Center Plus. You determine when the calls are actually forwarded, such as after business hours only, during specified times during your working day (lunch, anyone?), or always.  When people call your number it rings to us just as though it is ringing into your office. Our trained staff answer the phone using the same answer phrase you and your associates use.
  1. When your tenants call in to make rent payments on your web based payment system we access the system and take those calls for you. We gather the payment information and process the payment just as you would when you take the call.
  1. No on-call technician wants to field calls all night, especially when those calls are not true emergencies. When you set the criteria as to what does and does not constitute an emergency, we field those calls for you. We are a 24/7/365 answering service so we always have someone in the office ready to take your calls. We ask the caller identifying questions to determine if the call is a real emergency and then we call/text/email the on-call tech for you. If the nature of the call does not fall into your parameter of a true emergency we gather the information and email it to your office to be handled the next business day.

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  1. Do you require a signed authorization form from the caller agreeing to service prices, etc. before your on-call person can be contacted? Some companies have maintenance contracts with their clients that requires the client to sign and return an authorization form before the on-call person can be contacted. We gladly fax your form to your clients. Once we get the form back from the client we contact your on-call person. Then we fax the signed document to your office for your records.
  1. When you provide us with a list of your available rental properties we talk to your potential renters for you. We give them pertinent information about the property, such as the monthly rent amount, deposit, qualifying information, and when the property is available for occupancy. We gather their contact information and then email and/or text the information to the listing agent. You get the information in a timely manner while avoiding dealing with the “Lookie-Lou’s” who are not ready to make a commitment yet. If you use BoomTown or Propertyware, we already know how to use these programs!

The bottom line is this…Call Canter Plus can do anything you need done to help your property management company…except for showing the units or performing maintenance! This gives you more time to do what you do best.

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