Private Property Towing Answering Service

Call Center Plus is the perfect call center for your private property towing company needs.

You are busy enough taking care of abandoned or illegally parked vehicles, dispatching and managing  drivers, and talking to angry and worried people who are looking for their missing vehicles.  Add to that, the constant ringing of the phone! That is where a private property towing answering service comes in.

How we can help:

  • We are here 24/7. You may have office hours but we don’t.  We are always accessible to either dispatch out a new tow or talk to callers whose vehicles have been towed.
  • We can provide information to callers looking for their vehicle, such as the address and phone number of the storage lot where the vehicle was taken and the reason for the tow.
  • We can dispatch or cancel a tow when one of your contracted property managers calls in. We gather all the important information you need, such as name, phone, location, vehicle info, and reason for the tow. Whatever information you need, we will get it.
  • For each call, we can send you an email, a text message, or both.
  • We can dispatch drivers using your online dispatching software program. We can call your drivers if they don’t respond to the dispatch in a certain amount of time.
  • We are a US based company and we not outsource our services. Everything is handled in our office. We are in our 3rd decade of doing business. We are professional, prompt and detail oriented.
  • You are not locked into a contract to pay for a certain number of package minutes or to stay with our services for a certain length of time. You just pay a nominal account maintenance fee each billing cycle and then pay for the operator time used. We bill in real time which means we round the time to the nearest second, not minute.

Using a call center for your private property towing company just makes sense.

‘Haul’ yourself over to our website and check out our services. Request a brochure and our set up sheets. Mention that you found us on the internet and get your set up costs for free.

Please note, our specialty is with private property towing companies. We do NOT answer for towing companies that work with police departments and/or motor clubs.

Call Center Plus. We answer your phones!


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