Appliance Repair Answering Service

When you can’t answer every call…

The dishwasher quits rinsing, the washer won’t drain, the dryer runs cold, and the freezer runs hot. Frustrated, the potential client reaches for the phone. Will you be there to answer the call or will this potential customer have to call the next appliance repair service on the list because you could not answer?

Voice mail is NOT your best option and here is why!

At Call Center Plus we know your business grows not only when your satisfied customers call back, but when they also recommend your appliance repair services to their friends and neighbors. Voice mail works okay if the caller will actually use it, but many people just refuse to leave a message on voice mail. That frustrated new client wants to actually speak to a real person, feel heard, and be reassured that someone is on the way to fix what broke! This is the reason you need to hire a appliance repair answering service. This is why you need Call Center Plus.

Why is Call Center Plus the best choice for appliance answering services?  

Appliance Repair Answering Service

Appliance Repair Answering Service

  1. We are a 24/7/356 service. We are literally available to answer phones all the time, no matter what day of the week or time of night or day.
  2. We have been in business over 20 years. We are here to stay!
  3. We are friendly, professional, and efficient in our message taking skills.
  4. We do not out-source our services like many answering services do. When you hire Call Center Plus, you get Call Center Plus. We are an American company based in beautiful Cache Valley, Utah and English is the primary language of our employees. What does that mean to you? Your callers will understand what we say.
  5. We provide you with a proprietary number to forward your calls. When your client dials your number, we answer the call in your business answer phrase, making us an extension of your office.
  6. We customize our services to meet your specific business needs. For instance we can gather the caller’s name, address, phone number, email address, item to be repaired, and then find out the nature of the problem.
  7. We deliver this information to you via email, fax, SMS texting, patching or any combination of these. We can send the message to multiple email addresses or cell phones so that everyone who needs to get the message gets it.
  8. Do you provide emergency services? We can dispatch the info by either calling your tech or using SMS texting. We also send you an email with the message details, including whether or not the tech responded to the call. We make sure no call falls through the cracks.
  9. We can schedule appointments for you using a web-based calendar system.
  10. Give us some FAQ’s and we can answer some of your more common questions.

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How our pricing works:

We charge a flat, nominal fee every 4 weeks, which covers your account maintenance and gives you 100 minutes of operator time. Once you use those minutes, you are charged a nominal per minute charge for only the additional minutes that you use. We bill in real time, so the charge is not rounded to the nearest minute but only for the time actually used. Phones answered = more clients = more money for your business= business growth.

We are based in northern Utah. We do not outsource our services. You hire Call Center Plus and Call Center Plus delivers the services you need. View our pricing here.

Do you see what we mean when we say you need us? When you let Call Center Plus be your appliance repair answering service you are free to do what you do best.