Arizona Answering Service

From the Grand Canyon to Pinetop, Arizona is full of diversity in terrain, temperatures, businesses and people. Your business needs an answering service with just as much diversity. At Call Center Plus we are equipped to meet your Arizona answering service needs 24/7/365, no matter how small or large your particular business needs may be.

Why do you need an Arizona answering service?

You really only need an answering service for one very simple reason.

Who do you think is answering your customer’s calls when you are not available? That would be your competitors, of course!

Arizona Call Center
Arizona Answering Service

We know you care about your customers and want to provide the best service for them, but let’s face it…you simply cannot (and even should not) be there at all times. That is simply not healthy for you or your business. 

In today’s business world your customers expect 24/7 live, telephone support to care for their needs. So how are supposed to meet the demands of your customer and still meet your own needs? After all, you really should take time out to renew and do the things you can only do in Arizona. Like attend a Diamondbacks game. Or head to the Snowbowl to hit the slopes. How about spending a weekend in Sedona?

That is where Call Center Plus comes to the rescue!  We are here 24/7/365 to answer your phones, provide customer service, place orders, or take and dispatch messages.

When you hire Call Center Plus, you hire all we do

At Call Center Plus, we do not sell our services on an “al a carte” basis. Instead, we customize our services to meet your specific needs. What that means to you is that we can always change what we do for you to meet your changing needs. Plus, we answer your calls in your answer phrase to keep the continuity seamless between your office and ours. With the information and FAQ’s you provide us about your business we can handle most of the everyday questions that come up. Often, we sound as though we are actually sitting right there in your office.

After we answer your phones, what happens next?

Well … After taking the call, we will send you a message. You can get your messages from us in a variety of ways. First, we can email you. Or we can send a text message. And if you want, we will do both! In addition, you are not limited to who received the message. We will get those messages to as many employees as you need/want. Do you need us to call you or your after-hours emergency contact? No problem! We can patch callers straight through to you or your dispatch emergency team. Did we mention that we will deal with the pesky telemarketers for you as well?

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We save you money

Many times, using our services costs you less than the salary you pay a 40 hour a week receptionist. Here is how it works. First, we bill on a 4 week cycle. Withing that billing cycle, you will pay an account maintenance fee and then just pay for operator time. We bill in real time, which means we round up to the nearest second, not minute. Thus, you won’t be paying for any time you are not actually using!

Our company is based in the US and we do not outsource to other countries, or even to other call centers to meet your needs. We handle everything “in house”. English is our first language so your customers will be able to understand what our operators are saying. That is a huge plus! We use cutting edge answering service technology to keep us one step ahead.

What types of business can benefit from having an Arizona answering service?



Property management Home health care/Hospice

Towing companies

Dental offices


Roofing contractors

Limousine service

Appliance Repair

Landscaping services

Wedding/event/RSVP planners


Ticketing agencies

Mining companies

Dog groomers


Heating and AC contractors

Real estate

Funeral homes

Self-storage companies

Electrical contractor



And so many more

Call Center Plus is the best choice for Arizona business answering services.

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