Farrier Answering Services

CCPlus’s Farrier Answering Service can help your business succeed. Here’s how a live Answering Service for Farriers can help~

As you are aware, a farrier puts up with a lot. You spend much of your day getting kicked, bit, and pooped on. Your back aches all the time from bending over all day. And who sees more flies than you!? One thing you never need to put up with again is missing a call while you are shoeing a horse. If you think that you don’t miss calls because you have voicemail, think again! A few callers will leave a voice mail, but most people hate it and will end up calling someone else who will actually answer the phone!

Call Center Plus offers a live 24 hour farrier answering service to make sure you never miss another call again.

Farrier Call Center

Answering Service for Farriers

We are always here, 24/7, to answer the phone calls you can’t. We answer in your answer phrase, keeping continuity with you and your clients. Since you tell us exactly what information you need from your callers, we can take a message exactly the way you want. Do you just need a simple name, phone and brief message, or do you need more detailed and customized information like how many horses and how many shoes, whether or not the horse needs special shoes, pads, hoof reconstruction, therapeutic work, or just  a simple trim? Once we get the information we send it immediately to you by email or SMS text message, or both.  We can dispatch or patch calls to you in an emergency and if you use an internet based calendaring system, we can even schedule your appointments.

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What does it cost?

Less than you may think. We charge a small account maintenance fee per 4 week billing cycle then just charge for operator time.  We bill in real time, which means that we round to the nearest second, not minute. You don’t sign up for a contracted number of minutes. Just pay for what you actually use. It is that simple. Another way to look at the value of our services is to ask yourself how much you are losing when a call you missed goes to another farrier for services, not just once, but time and time again. We can help you make new clients and keep the ones you have happy.

We are a decades old, US based, call center. English is our first language. We never have and never will outsource our services. We take care of you the way we would expect to be taken care of. Even with all the advances in communications that promise to keep you connected, the need for a personalized, human, live 24/7 answering messaging service will never go away.

Call Center Plus Farrier Answering Service is not for every farrier!

We are only suited to the ones who want to give premium service to all their customers and gain a few more in the process. Go ahead, look over our website. Give us a call to have all your questions answered.  Be sure to ask if we are running any specials.

Call Center Plus….we answer your phones.

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