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As an appraiser you are accustomed to placing monetary value on either homes, properties, or items. But when was the last time you actually appraised your business?  And what steps should you take to increase its value?  In your business, time is money. Let Call Center Plus help you increase both your time and your money by employing us as your appraisal services answering service.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you get a call that you can’t take because you are out doing an appraisal? Small businesses are very competitive. Why? Most potential new clients will hang up and call around to find a live person on the other end of the line if all they get from you is an offer to leave a voice mail. How many missed calls does it take to hurt your business?

How does using Call Center Plus help your appraisal business?

Appraisers Call Center

Answering Service for Appraisers

  1. We are here 24/7/365 and are available when you cannot be. You are free to do your job while we answer the phone. We answer with your business answer phrase, which makes us appear as a seamless extension of your organization.
  2. We take your messages, make your appointments if you like, and answer typical caller questions, freeing you up to do what you do best. We also screen your calls for those pesky telemarketers!
  3. We get your messages to you as soon as we receive them so you are never out of the loop. You determine what information you want us to gather and how you want to receive the messages. Do you want them emailed, texted, faxed, or a combination of the three?
  4. We don’t bind you to a contract. Except for a nominal account maintenance fee, you only pay for the minutes used by our operators to answer the phone and take the message. Operator time is billed to the nearest second, not minute.
  5. Call Center Plus is a U.S. based answering service located in beautiful Cache Valley, Utah. We have been in business for over 20 years. We are reliable, dependable, professional, and courteous. English is our first language so your customers will understand the person on the other end of the phone.

Call Center Plus is a rare and valuable find

No one needs to tell an appraiser that the rarer an object, the more value it has. We are rare in today’s world because we believe in the time honored and tested principles of hard work, honesty, integrity, and living by the golden rule. We treat your customers as the priceless gem they are to you. When it is all said and done, using Call Center Plus as your appraising answering service just makes sense.

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