Roofing Contractor Answering Service

When you are working atop a steeply pitched roof the very last thing you should do is answer your ringing cell phone. But…what if that call is for a new job? This is the moment you realize that you could use the services of a roofing contractor answering service like Call Center Plus.

Roofing Contractor Answering Service
Roofing Contractor Answering Service

Why use a Roofing Answering Service?

More than half of all customers will not leave voice mail. A missed call means missed business. You cannot afford to lose business to another roofing contractor, but it is very expensive to hire someone to sit at a desk to field your calls. Plus…they are only there 40 hours a week.  Who will answer those calls the remaining 128 hours of the week?   You need a roofing answering service to take calls 24/7/365.

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Why use Call Center Plus as your roofing answering service?

  • We are here 24/7/365
  • We give you your own number to forward your office, cell, and/or home phones any time you choose
  • Our trained operators answer the call in your answer phrase. We become a part of your team
  • We take your messages or schedule your appointments and then immediately send the message to you via email, SMS text message, fax, or any combination of these
  • We dispatch any emergency calls
  • Give us the answers for your FYI’s and we can answer simple questions. We also shield you from telemarketers
  • You pay a nominal monthly account maintenance fee and then you only pay for actual operator time, which is rounded to the nearest second, not minute. Your monthly invoice is generally less than what you would pay a 40-hour a week, office person. That saves you money right there.
  • You have no contracts to sign that lock you into a call package or length of time to use our services. If your business needs change and you don’t need our services, just let us know.

Call Center Plus roofing answering service is more than just a smart way to manage your business, it is a way to make your business thrive.  When you combine your expertise with ours we have the roofing business “nailed” down.…we answer Your phones!

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