Customer Service Call Center

Customer Service Center

Super Store Services with a Boutique Feel

Who doesn’t appreciate the convenience of a super store? These are one stop shopping centers.  You can buy your groceries, fill a prescription, get the oil changed in your car, and grab new underwear and socks for the kids. But that’s not all! Go ahead and pick up that new toaster, check your vision, order contacts or glasses, and put a new freezer on lay away. Who would choose to waste time and gas going all over town, when you can just go to one spot? Our “Customer Service Call Center” fits the bill. 

Well …  may you would. Especially, if you are looking for that specialty, one-of-a-kind item not found in a super box store. Maybe you know you are going to find your item at a favorite boutique! And maybe you know you will get special, individualized treatment at the boutique that never happens at the super store.

Call Center Plus is a complete customer service call center.

We are a small company that provides individualized “boutique” services. But don’t let our size fool you! You will be amazed at what we can do. In fact, we can do SO much more than most call centers. We can be the virtual “front door” of your business as we may be the only personal point of contact your customers will ever have.

How we can help your business:

Customer Service Call Center

Ilene Christensen – Providing Complete Customer Service for you and your business.

We not only answer your phones (including overflow or after hour calls) but we can act a your
virtual receptionist 24/7/365. When you go home at the end of the day, we are still here to answer your phones. We  don’t take vacations or call in sick.

Services we provide:

  • Place online orders
  • Schedule appointments
  • Call clients or patients to remind them of appointments
  • Take event reservations
  • Keep track of your RSVPs
  • Respond to your info emails
  • Send out mailers and return labels
  • Provide basic tech support
  • Answer FAQs
  • Dispatch calls to your on-call techs or emergency personnel
  • And so much more!

Did you know?

Once we take a message, you will get it via email or text message or both. If you choose, we will send those messages to multiple people all at the same time. The information we gather for you can be extremely valuable in helping you collect data to improve your product, target who you advertise to, strengthen your customer relationships, or uncover any hidden problems.

Whatever you need, we will be there! 

You may be interested to know that Call Center Plus is a US based company. We have been in business for over 25 years.  Are you aware that many call centers outsource their services? That is not true at Call Center Plus. We have not, do not, and will not EVER outsource our services. All of your calls and client needs will be handled by our professional and personable staff at our one-and-only location. In addition, your programming needs are done “in-house” so there is no waiting for an available tech. Just tell us what you need to make your business run more smoothly and free up some time for you. Chances are, we can do that thing!

Pricing and Contracts

When you hire Call Center Plus to be your complete customer service call center you get 100% of our services 100% of the time, all for the same price.

Our pricing is simple.

We bill on a 4 week billing cycle. For each billing cycle, you will be billed a nominal account maintenance fee and then just the operator time used on your account. We bill in real time, meaning we round to the nearest second, not minute.

No bundled minutes to purchase! 

How can you possibly know exactly how many minutes you are going to use in a month? You can’t! We do not make you choose and pay for a bundled package of minutes.

What about contracts?

What about contracts locking you into using our services for a specific amount of time? That is simple. We just don’t have them. Of course, we want to be your complete customer service call center for years and years. But we understand that businesses change, owners change, and circumstances change. For that reason we do not lock you into a specific length of time to use our services.

Simple, clear cut, and easy to understand. I know what you are thinking, that this sounds too good to be true. There must be a catch or hidden fees or something. Right? Nope. Nada. Zip.

We customize your services. 

We will customize our services to meet your particular business needs, not the other way around. What have you got to lose by using our services, besides customers, clients, and sleep? What do you have to gain? Business growth, happy, satisfied customers, more money, business opportunities, and time to work on more products, services, and marketing to make your business thrive. Not to mention having time to catch a movie or go out to eat. 🙂

The PLUS REALLY does mean MORE! 

Let Call Center Plus be your Complete Customer Service Call Center – Where the Plus Always Means More!! Check us out. Give us a call. Call Center Plus wants to be your Complete Customer Service Call Center. We provide super store services with a boutique feel!

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