Holistic Healing Answering Service

How can you have a more efficient and comprehensive holistic practice? 

You hire Call Center Plus Holistic Healing answering service.

Why? Because Call Center Plus Holistic Healing answering service offers you more ways to nurture and support the whole wellbeing of your patients. You want to focus your attention on your patients to give them the time and attention they need and deserve.  And you want the phones to ring because that means more business. However, constantly ringing phones can be a huge distraction. Especially if you have a small practice and get sidetracked by the ringing phone. You take your focus off the patient in front of you as you think about the ringing phone.  We get it. We understand that ALL your patients deserve your undivided attention.  Including the ones in the office and those on the phone. And that is why hiring Call Center Plus is the answer. 

Holistic Healing Answering Service

How can we help?

Call Center Plus Holistic answering services offers a whole array of services. We cover your needs as completely as you cover the needs of your patients.  Since we are available 24/7/365, we are always there to take calls, send messages, schedule appointments, or whatever you need. We can be a vital part of your holistic practice.

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Are you missing calls that come in afterhours? Do you miss some office hours calls because there are not enough people in the office to answer multiple calls at the same time? And are all those missed calls going to voicemail? One of the worst things you can do is let your calls go to voice mail. That is because most people have doubts that you will call them after they leave a message. So instead, they hang up and then call someone else until they get a live person to talk to.  When you let Call Center Plus answer your phones, your patients will be greeted by a live, warm, friendly person. We will gather the information that you need and then send you a message via email, SMS texting, or both. 

If you provide us with basic information, we can answer the simple questions that patients have about your practice.  What about after hours emergencies? Just tell us your emergency protocol. We will follow your procedures to contact you or a member of your staff in your patient’s behalf.

Do you use a web-based scheduling program? Let Call Center Plus take those scheduling calls for you.  Scheduling, rescheduling, or canceling appointments is one of our specialties!

What about cost?

We know that cost may be the determining factor in deciding to use an answering service or not. Our pricing and billing practices are simple and very straight forward. We bill on a 4-week cycle and charge a flat fee. The fee covers your account maintenance and gives you 100 minutes of operator time. Then we bill by the minute in real time, which means that we round to the nearest second, not minute.

We are a US based business and do everything in house, including IT set up, account maintenance, and answering the phone … all right here in our Utah office.  That means we never outsource your services. Also, even though we hope to have a long working relationship with you, we do not require that you sign a longevity contract. Why? Because we understand that your needs may change.

Call Center Plus Holistic Healing answering service is just what the doctor ordered for an efficient, comprehensive holistic healing practice.

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