Emergency Services Answering Service

Call Center Plus’s Emergency Answering Services can help your business weather the storms! Let us show you how.

If you can’t answer your phones, who does? 

If you and your employees were unable to get to your office or place of business for any reason, who would answer your phones?

Answering Service for Emergencies

Emergency Answering Service

Many business owners don’t see a need to hire a call center because the services or products they provide are only available during regular office hours. But what would you do if you lost your ability to communicate with your customers?  What happens if you lose power or your phone system goes down? What if there is a weather emergency and you can’t get to your place of business?  How about natural disasters? You may not need an answering service for day to day operations but Call Center Plus Emergency Answering services may be your invaluable partner in times of emergency.

Centralized Communication Center

Call Center Plus Emergency Answering Services gives your business or organization a centralized communication center for any type of emergency situation. We are capable of handling your calls when you are not able to for any reason.  By using out 24/7 live answering services you have prepared for the worst, ensuring that your business or customers will not suffer in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

A happy customer is a long term customer.

We want to help you keep your customers happy. With a live 24/7/365 emergency answering service, you protect your business from losing customers to your competitor. We answer the phones in your answer phrase. We can take messages, place orders, handle customer service, give updates, or whatever you need done. With our cutting edge technology we can customize what we do to meet your needs. We give you 100% of our services 100% of the time.

We immediately send your messages through email or SMS text messaging, or both. Every call we get is dated and time stamped, so you know exactly when the calls come through.We can dispatch or patch urgent calls to you if you desire. We can send the message to more than one person at a time.

Worried about cost?

Every 4 weeks you will be billed a flat fee, which includes some operator time. Once that time has been used up, you are billed a per-minute fee. We bill in real time, meaning that we do not round up to the nearest minute. We only bill you for the time actually used above and beyond the minutes included in the monthly flat fee. 

Call Center Plus Emergency Answering Services is a decades old US based company. English is our first language. Everything is handled in-house. We will never outsource your calls. We have several redundancy plans and systems in place to ensure that no matter what is happening in your corner of the world, we will still be able to answer your phones! Call Center Plus Emergency Answering Services is a company you can trust to answer the phone, give personal professional service, and care for your clients’ needs when you cannot.

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