Boat and Watercraft Services Answering Service

Whether you are selling, renting, repairing, winterizing, or just providing some TLC for the PWC, your boat and watercraft services are always in demand.  Whether you are a one man show or manage complete sales and service teams, you are always on the go.  How can you keep from sinking under the load of it all?  You hire Call Center Plus as your boat and watercraft services answering service/complete customer care call center.

In today’s world people want information and answers immediately.  When a new or potential client calls, if they are not greeted by a live, engaging person, chances are you just lost a sale or a new customer. The majority of people will not leave a voice mail.

So how can Call Center Plus boat and watercraft services answering service help you?

Boat Sales and Servivce Answering Service

Boat Sales and Servivce Answering Service

First, we answer your phones in your answer phrase. We answer any time of the day or night, including after business hours or any time during the regular business day when you can’t get to the phone. We will immediately send a message via email, SMS text, dispatching, patching or any combination of ways. You tell us what you need and that is what we do. We use cutting edge technology so we can customize what we do according to what you need.

At Call Center Plus, the PLUS means MORE!

We are a full customer care service center, meaning we don’t just take a message, although we are great at that. But we can do so much more! For instance, with the FAQ’s you provide to us, we can answer caller’s basic questions.  We can schedule your winterizing, de-winterizing, or repairs appointments.  If you do rentals, we can gather information and help book those rentals.  Do you have an info@yourbusiness email address? Let us respond to those emails for you, providing basic answers to those basic questions. We will even screen your calls from telemarketers.

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What is the cost?

It is less than you think. We do not bundle our services. You pay a nominal account maintenance fee each billing period and then just pay for the minutes used. We round to the nearest second, not minute. You only pay for what you use.

By unburdening you from some of your everyday demands we help keep you afloat and assure smooth sailing for your business.

Check out the website. Give us a call. Ask if we have any specials running.  Mention reading this and get an hour of set up time free.

Call Center Plus … your complete customer service center.

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