How CCP Works

How an Answering Service Works

When you picture a call center, do you picture a room full of people sitting in cubicles, all talking into headsets? Do you wonder how it would work if any of those people were answering YOUR calls? Read on to see “How an Answering Service Works.”

Here is a guided tour of what it would look like if we were taking your calls!

First, our agents see an AGENT screen that looks like the one immediately below.

The top line shows us your answer phrase (1) and the time zone (2) your business is located in. The next line shows us the name of your company (3) and your account number (4). We also see your address (5), your hours of operation (6), and your forwarding number (7).

In addition, we can also add time sensitive info (8, 9) as needed.

We can see previous email messages (10) we have sent to you by clicking this link.

After we give the answer phrase, we click this CCP link (11), which opens your CCP (or scripting) pages.

How An Answering Service Works

CCP Pages: Where the magic begins!

Our CCP pages are what set us apart from all other call centers! They are how we ensure we do exactly what you need us to do. Once we open the CCP or scripting page, we follow the script so that we handle your calls exactly as you prescribe.

Between the AGENT screen and the CCP pages, we have everything we need to successfully handle your calls, no matter what type of business you own!

To see samples of our CCP pages, see the options below.

Dispatch Demo

  • If you have a business that requires contacting on-call or emergency personnel, use this link.

Scheduling Demo

  • If your need for us to schedule your appointments, use this link.

Order Taking Demo

  • If we need to place customer orders for you, use this link.

Messaging Demo

  • If you need for us to collect pertinent info but don’t need us to call on-call people, schedule an appointment, or place an order, use this link.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us call at the number you see below!  

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