Florist Answering Service

Call Center Plus is the best answering service choice for your florist business

If you own a florist shop, it is no secret that you are in a highly competitive and stress filled business. You  deal with a time sensitive product and emotionally charged clients who are coping with major life events.  So who is answering the phone when you are meeting with those emotionally charged customers, fulfilling time sensitive orders, or making a delivery? Well, your competitors, of course!  In today’s technological world, people want instant service.  If you think that your customers or potential customers will leave a voice mail, you are blooming wrong!

Answering Service for Florist

Florist Answering Service

How can a live, 24 hour florist answering service help your budding business grow and bloom where you are planted?

  1. We are available 24/7. You never have to miss another call again.
  2. No matter the reason or need for flowers, we can take your messages, place orders, or schedule consultation appointments.
  3. You will get an email, SMS text message, or both for every call we take. In addition, we can patch or dispatch calls to you, your delivery person, or your floral designers.
  4. We save you money and here is how: First, each 28 day billing cycle includes a nominal account maintenance fee and 100 minutes of operator time.  Then we simply charge by the minute and round to the nearest second.
  5. As stated earlier, we are in the “office” 24/7, even after you turn off the lights and lock the door.  Many businesses find it cheaper to use our services that hire, train, and keep a full time employee on the payroll.
  6. We answer your phones in your answer phrase, keeping the continuity between your business and our service.

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We may not be able to make the bouquets, arrangements, sprays, or those famous “get-out-of-the-doghouse-specials”. However, as your flower shop answering service, we do learn enough about your business to conduct ourselves in the same friendly, professional manner you are known for.

Call Center Plus florist answering services will be your best bud!

A live 24-hour florist answering service allows you the time you need to meet with clients, order flowers, clean flowers upon arrival in the shop, make deliveries, and actually still have a life.

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