EMS Transport Answering Services

Until recently, if someone needed an emergency medical services transport, they just called the local hospital for an ambulance. With changes in insurance and medical billing, and with a demand for more cost effective patient options, independent EMS transport companies are becoming a viable and competitive alternative. To be competitive you need to be there to take every call that comes in. So, what happens when you are not able to answer your phones? If you think the caller will just leave a voicemail, you are wrong! Chances are great that when potential customers cannot get you on the phone, they are calling your competitors! Call Center Plus EMS Transport Answering Services keeps you a step ahead of your competition.

What can Call Center Plus EMS Transport Answering Service do for you?

EMS Transport Answering Service

Medical Transport Answering Service

As you know, the need for emergency transport services occurs at all hours of the day and night. That is not a problem for Call Center Plus! We are here around the clock to answer the phone, collect vital information, and dispatch the call. But…we can do so much more than just answer calls and dispatch ambulances. In every aspect of your business Call Center Plus is here to assist…not just during business hours but around the clock, any time, any day. We can assist you by taking your non-emergency calls from patients, insurance companies, law offices, or anyone who needs to contact your office.

Our live 24-hr EMS answering service operators can assist clients by collecting their insurance information so you can bill their insurance companies. Or we can take their payments via your secure billing portal. We can gather information from an attorney calling to request patient billing information. And of course, we are always HIPAA compliant!

How does it work?

We will assign you a proprietary number to forward your calls. You can set it up to have us take your after-hour calls, overflow calls or round the clock calls. You decide. When a call comes in we will get your messages to you by email, SMS texting, patching, dispatching, or any combination of those options.
When you sign up with us, you have access to all of our services all of the time, all for the same price. No ala carte pricing with us! We bill on a 28 day billing cycle. You will be charged a nominal account maintenance fee and then just for operator time (the time we are actually taking calls and messages for you). Operator time is billed in real time. That means that we will round up to the nearest second, not minute.

More about us and what we do.

We are a US based company. We do not outsource our services so we can maintain the highest quality of service for you and your clients. English is our first language. Your customers will be able to understand us!
Using a live 24 hour EMS call center like Call Center Plus can actually save you money. How? When we answer the overflow, after-hours, weekend, and holiday calls, we are capturing the business you would have lost to a competitor all without you having to hire any additional staff. We can field calls from solicitors so you are not wasting valuable time having to speak with them. Our operators take care of your callers in a friendly, professional way, which leaves a good first impression on new clients. If we only capture one call you would have missed by using our 24 hour live operator EMS answering service, it will pay for the service. That is too good to pass up!

If you are thinking about using an EMS transport call center to help you with your calls, look no further than Call Center Plus. Download our brochure and set-up form (no obligation!) for more information. Then give us a call. Be sure to ask about any specials we may be running. We’re here so you don’t have to be!
Call Center Plus…we answer your phones.