25 Years Part II

Recap of part one (see Part I immediately below for the details!): After 23 years of doing business in her garage, Ilene realized she had to make the move and build a new call center. She faced her fears head on and started the building process, making lots of personal sacrifices along the way (including selling her own plasma) to come up with a down payment!

Now, for more of the story:

As hard as Ilene worked to let go of her fears, she still had to face them one by one. For instance, the first architectural drawings of the building included an attached apartment to the call center. Why? Ilene was afraid that she would need the additional income to make the loan payments on the new building.

She began to recognize that she was operating out of fear instead of faith and she KNOWS that fear and faith cannot dwell in the same heart at the same time. She began to read a great deal about surrendering, and her prayers became more meaningful. She is a licensed EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) coach and she did lots of tapping. Eventually, she was able to calm down, process her emotions in a healthy way, and think logically.

During this process, Ilene had some uneasy feelings about the SBA loan (see Part I). She did some research and found out that she would not be able to pay off the SBA loan early without incurring a huge penalty. This did not sit well with her, and at the last minute she backed out of the SBA loan. That meant that the loan was restructured with the bank being willing to finance 75 percent as long as Ilene could come up with 25 percent of the loan amount. Whew!

To come up with the 25 percent, she decided to take out a home equity line of credit on her home. When the appraisal on her home came in, she found out she was $10,000.00 short of her portion of the loan. She approached the builder to tell him she would have to hold up on the building. To her great surprise and utter amazement, the builder lowered the cost of the building by $10,000.00 and she was able to continue forward. Ilene saw this as a miracle and is still SO grateful to the builder.

The more Ilene continued to surrender her fears, the more miracles she saw. A small, but profound, example is the timing of snow during the construction process. The builder couldn’t get the asphalt poured until after a certain point in construction. However, winter was coming and the local asphalt companies stop pouring after the first snow fall and don’t start pouring again until spring. If we didn’t get the asphalt poured before that first snow storm, this one simple thing would put a 2-3 month delay in the completion of the construction. The weather held and the asphalt was poured just days before the first snow. Even the builder was amazed that it all worked out that way!

We moved into our new building on February 15, 2016 and we didn’t shut down the business for even one minute. But more about that in Part III !

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