Solar Energy Answering Service

Helios was the mythological god of the Sun, harnessing its power to share with the world. As a solar panel installer, you also harness the power of the sun. But unlike Helios, you are no myth. With the constant rise of energy costs, your services are in high demand, as are those of your competitors. How do you elevate your services above the competition? You hire a solar energy answering service like Call Center Plus!

Solar Energy Answering Service

Solar Energy Answering Service

Whether you are installing new solar panels or conducting an estimate, the last thing you need it is to stop and answer your ringing phone. But worse than that, is missing a call and a potential job.  Call Center Plus Solar Energy Answering Service provides customer support services 24/7, making you accessible to your customers any time of the day or night.

We are available 245/7/365.

Because we are always here, you can decide how much you need to or want to use our services. We answer your calls in your answer phrase keeping the continuity between your clients and your actual office, virtual or real.  Not only will we answer your phones, but we can take your messages, schedule your appointments, and answer simple questions. Do you have an emergency on-call technician? Call Center Plus answer’s your emergency calls and dispatches the job out to the on-call tech anytime day or night, on weekends, and during every holiday.  We can make calls to your clients for you, freeing you up to do the job at hand. We will send your messages by email, SMS text message, or both.  We can customize what we do to meet and exceed your wants and needs.

How much will it cost?

Every business needs to look at the “bottom line”.  We realize that. As already stated, having us answer your phones saves and makes you money.  When you hire us, you are not paying for vacation time, sick leave, or any of the overhead costs involved with hiring someone to answer your phone just 40 hours a week.

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We bill on a 4 week billing cycle. You are billed a nominal account maintenance fee, and then you only pay for time used. We bill in real time, meaning we round the time to the nearest second not minute. That is a savings right there. Most other companies may come close to your per minute prices, but they have you pick a plan that has specified number of minutes in it. You end up paying for minutes not even used. We also do not lock you in to a contract for a specific length of time, but when you see what we do for you and how much smoother your business runs you will not want to leave us.

We are a decades old, US based business. English is our first language.  We have never, and will never, outsource our services. We do everything “in house”.

Using Call Center Plus Solar Energy 24/7 answering services will help you harness the power of the sun, and that’s no myth!

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