Call Center Plus offers a variety of pricing options to meet your individual needs. Your fees are billed in real time and rounded to the nearest second, not minute. There is no contract required for signing up with us. Why? Because we are sure you will be pleased with our services and will want to stay with us for years!

Pricing Options 

4-Week (28 day) Billing Cycle

(for all services except off-site receptionist services)

If you expect a low call volume, don’t know how many calls to expect, or simply just don’t want to be tied down to anything that feels like a contract, then you can choose the plan where you will only be billed for the minutes you use. Nothing more, nothing less!

Billing Information

Call Center Plus Pricing

Call Center Plus Pricing

Pricing for 2 or More Accounts

Pricing for 2 or More Accounts

High Call Volume Billing

If you know you will have a high call volume and want the best price per minute, you may want to consider our high-volume package where you buy a specified number of minutes per billing cycle.

Call Center Plus Large Package Pricing

Call Center Plus Large Package Pricing

Off-Site Receptionist Services Billing

  • For each 4 week (28 day) billing cycle, you pay $250.00 for 75 calls. For all calls over 75, we bill $1.75 per call.

At Call Center Plus we take pride in being able to set up your account to meet your specific needs. We understand that no two businesses are the same, even when you are providing similar products or services.

Delivery Options

We are incredibly versatile! When we take your calls we can email the information to you, send you a text message, send a fax, and/or patch your callers straight to you.


We make paying for our serves as easy as we can. You can pay by check, bank transfer, PayPal, Visa or MasterCard.

Sign up for our brochure! And don’t forget, you can always give us a call for help!

Call Center Plus – Your Full Service Customer Service Center

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