Secure Message Service

Do you need to receive secure messaging but hate the idea of carrying a pager?


Now you can get secure messages delivered to your smartphone or iPad – instantly! Call Center Plus offers a cutting-edge solution for a mobile world that replaces the pager with your smart phone and enables two-way instant but secure communications.

How does it work? When a call for you comes in, one of our operators answers the phone as a seamless extension of your front office, takes a message, and if protocol dictates, dispatches a secure message to you or your on-call personnel via your smartphone and/or tablet.

How is this different? Conventionally, telephone answering services dispatch secure messages to pagers that the users must carry with them.

Our secure messaging app is a powerful, secure smart phone paging and messaging application built for Android, Apple (iPad, iPhone, IPod), and Blackberry devices that replaces or supplements paging technology and enables two-way instant secure communication. It uses end-to-end encryption with all of its messages to provide this security. You can be confident that all messages are completely secure and meet HIPAA,  PHI, and HITECH regulations, keeping your patient or client sensitive information secure.

Who can benefit from our Secure Messaging Service?

    • Health care providers such as doctors, dentists, counselors, therapists, etc.
    • Professionals who must transfer sensitive information such as attorneys, bankers, realtors, etc.
    • Researchers with sensitive data collection
    • Anyone who deals with sensitive or delicate material or evidence

The healthcare industry is one of the few industries keeping the pager market afloat because these organizations service the largest percentage of pager users – doctors. It’s easy to ignore and then forget about a pager when it goes off. Naturally, the sooner you receive critical information the sooner you can address it.