Pest Control Answering Services

Do you get bugged with huge call volumes during peak pest control months? In a competitive pest control market, it can be difficult to stay ahead of your competitors. A missed call is a missed job and missed income. Call Center Plus is here to help! Let us be your pest control answering service!

Benefits of Using Call Center Plus

● We provide you with a dedicated phone number you can use to forward all your phones such as your business phone, cell phone, home phone, etc.

● We answer your calls with your specific business answer phrase.

● We answer the phones 24/7/365. This means you won’t miss another important phone call.

● Our pricing is flexible to fit most business needs.

● Our business is located right here in the United States.

Answering Service for Pest Control
Answering Service for Pest Control

We can Prioritize Your Incoming Calls

Call Center Plus can take your incoming calls and prioritize them based on the caller’s need and your specific prioritization requests. We answer your calls using your specific business answer phrase and can then:
● Forward the calls directly to you or another employee
● Take a message and transmit via voice, text, email, or combination of these
● Even schedule out appointments and call backs based on your prioritization requests.

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Call Center Plus is Your Virtual Employee

Our customer service representatives are here to work for you. Call Center Plus becomes a virtual employee, greatly expanding your workforce without the hassle of actually hiring more employees.

Our Pricing is Flexible

Call Center Plus offers a multitude of pricing options that can fit almost any budget. Need more help during certain times of the year? That’s okay, our pricing makes it easy for those with fluctuating demands.

What Are You Waiting For?

You know pests and we know phones! Give Call Center Plus a call today or fill out our online form and we’ll call you. Let us be your pest control answering service and give yourself and your phone a break!

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