Why would a restaurant owner ever need an answering service?

Well, do any of these ever happen to you?

  1. Right in the middle of rush hour you get multiple calls from people asking what the
    Answering Service for Restaurants

    Restaurant Answering Service

    specials are. You hired someone to answer phones, but they are still missing some of those calls and are not available to do anything else to help around the restaurant.

  2. You have people calling to make reservations. Who do you pull from their duties to answer the phones and take those reservations?
  3. You want to expand…not only new menu items…but also add another location. You need to spend more time in the kitchen, more time speaking to investors and contractors, and more time hiring and training staff. Yet, you still take care of all the phone calls coming in. You run out of hours long before you run out of things to do each day.

Hmm. See what we mean? Maybe you really do need an answering service!

How can Call Center Plus can help your restaurant business?

When we take your phones we can answer questions about the hours you are open or what’s on the menu. We can provide basic information on any catering services you may offer and make reservations. We can get all necessary information from your calls to you by email, SMS text, a patched call, a dispatched call, or any combination of these.

We do all of this for less than what it costs to hire, train, and pay an hourly employee. We answer the phone in the answer phrase you use so it keeps the continuity with your clientele and your services. For each billing cycle, you pay a nominal account maintenance fee plus a per-minute charge for operator time. We round the call up to the nearest second, not minute. Since you get all of our services all of the time, you can make changes as necessary and not worry about added costs. We are here 24/7/365 so you do not have to be.  We are a full service call center. You get 100% of our services 100% of the time. This frees you up to do what you need to do to make your business thrive!

Put our restaurant answering services to the test.

Visit our website, callcenterplus.com, today. Call us. We promise…instead of asking yourself why you would ever need a live 24 hour restaurant answering service, you will be asking yourself how you ever got along without us!


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