Window Cleaning Answering Service

Need your business to be as clean and transparent as the windows you wash? Are you looking for better ways to schedule your next window cleaning appointment? Then you need Call Center Plus’s Window Cleaning Answering Service!

In today’s competitive business market you need the ability to stay five steps ahead of the competition. How? By having more business tools at your disposal and having more time to grow your business because you’re spending less time worrying about your business.

Don’t Let Another Customer Call go to Voicemail!

Call Center Plus is here 24/7 to answer your customer’s phone calls. Whether to schedule a new appointment, confirm an existing appointment, or just answer questions about the services you offer, Call Center Plus is here to work for you. We make every customer feel like your only customer.

Window Cleaning Answering Service

Window Cleaning Answering Service

Call Center Plus Advantages:

  • We provide you with a dedicated phone number you can use to forward all your phones. This can include your business, cell, and home, or any combination of these.
  • We answer your calls with your specific business answer phrase. We become part of your virtual office staff.
  • Our answering service is here 24/7/365 to answer your calls. This means you never have to miss another call or new lead.
  • You determine how we notify you. Do you want an email, text, fax, or a combination of these? We get your messages to you as soon as we take them. We can also patch the caller straight to you, if you like.
  • Your calls are screened so you never have to answer a call from a telemarketer again!
  • Our business and employees are located here in the United States.

Worried about Cost?

Don’t be! We have a 28-day billing cycle. During each billing cycle you will pay a flat rate for the first 100 minutes, then by the minute thereafter.  Beyond the first 100 minutes, you are only billed for actual time used and we bill to the nearest second, not minute! There are no bundles of minutes to choose from and no long-term contracts to sign. See our pricing here.

What Are You Waiting For?

You know windows and we know customer service, it couldn’t be a better match! Let Call Center Plus be the solution for all your window cleaning answering service needs.

Click to Give Us a Call 435 753 2030 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll call you. You’ll never miss another customer call again!