Fitness Center Answering Service

One of the fastest growing businesses in the country is Fitness Centers. It is a billion dollar industry. However, making a profit from a fitness center is a whole lot more than just offering the best trainers, your inviting facilities, and/or cutting edge equipment. Most importantly, it depends on capturing new business and retaining those members you have already signed up! A great many people start and end their memberships over the phone.  Having a Fitness Center Answering Service to answer the phone 24/7/365 is key to your growth.

Are you losing revenue? Our Fitness Center 24 Hour Live Answering Service can help.

If your gym misses a phone call, you miss an opportunity to gain or keep a member, therefore that means lost revenue. For example, when you do not answer your ringing phone, or if your only option is voice mail, many potential clients will just go to the next gym. If an existing client calls to cancel their membership and the call goes to voice mail, you have lost the opportunity to retain them as a client because no one is available to offer them other options or incentives to stay.  Did you know that approximately 75% of callers who get voice mail do NOT leave a message?  How many lost opportunities for growth are too many? At Call Center Plus, we think one is one too many.

Fitness Center Answering Service
Answering Service for Fitness Center

Call Center Plus is ALWAYS available to answer your phone!

Call Center Plus is a 24/7/365 answering service. When you cannot answer your phones, they can automatically come to us. We will answer the call in your answer phrase and give all callers the service they are looking for. You provide the FAQ’s and we will handle the call for you. If you have sign up forms, we will gladly sign up new clients for you.  At the conclusion of the conversation we will send you a message so that you know what the call was all about. You will know that it was a sign up, a cancellation, or just a simple question that we answered for you.

How can Call Center Plus be the answer to your fitness center needs?

We have been in business for nearly 3 decades and are constantly improving what we do and how we do it. We take messages, schedule appointments, dispatch info, complete intake forms, trouble shoot basic issues, and more. You give us the information that we need and we take off running to make your company the best.

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What about the cost?

We understand that cost is always the bottom line. We bill on a 4 week cycle. Each cycle you are charged a nominal base rate that covers your account maintenance, costs associated with the phone number you forward your phones to, and 100 operator minutes. After that, once you reach 101 minutes, you are charged by the minute and only for the amount of minutes you use during that billing cycle. We bill in real time, which means that we do not round up. For instance, if a call takes 48 seconds, then you are charged for 48 seconds only. If the call takes 3 minutes and 14 seconds, then that is what you are billed for.  The per minute charge drops at 1001 and at 2001 minutes. See our pricing here ~

There are no longevity contracts to sign. We hope you will stay with us for a long time. However, if things change and you need to leave our services, you should not be penalized for doing so. 

We offer you freedom!

Give us a call. Let us tell you how we can customize what we do to maximize what you do.

If you are serious about bulking up your fitness center, let Call Center Plus use our fitness center answering service muscle to get you there!

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