Pediatric Practice Answering Service

How do you handle your pediatric practice after-hours calls?

Running a successful Pediatric practice keeps you busy enough during the day, but when you add trying to manage all those after-hour calls you soon realize that it is anything but “child’s play.” So what do you do when a panicked mother needs you in the middle of the night? It just makes sense to use an after-hours pediatric answering service to help you manage your practice.

How does a pediatric practice answering service work?

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The pediatric practice answering services provided by Call Center Plus offers you dedicated, professional operators to take your after hour calls. So … how does it work?

When your calls come in to our office, we will gather all pertinent information you need from the caller, including caller name, patient name, phone number, and reason for the call. If the call is an emergency, we will dispatch the call to you or your on-call doctor. For all calls, emergency or not, we will get the messages to you via email, SMS text, or both, depending on your needs, thus documenting everything we do for you and your patients.

We do more than answer the phone!

We are here 24/7 so you have the option to use our services as a daytime overflow service as well as an after- hours service. And we can do more than just answer phones. If you use an internet based scheduling program, we can schedule patient appointments for you. We can also verify appointments, give directions to your office, and even rid you of those pesky telemarketers.

Call Center Plus is HIPAA compliant and will gladly sign an appropriate agreement of confidentiality. You’ll get 100% of our services, 100% of the time. We create your account to fit your exact needs, not the other way around. We will answer your phones in your answer phrase and unless directed by you, we won’t even identify ourselves as your call center. English is our first language (your patients will be able to understand us!) and we never outsource our clients. All calls come to our very own US based office.

We are cost effective!

Call Center Plus pediatric practice answering services are cost efficient. We bill a nominal monthly fee and bill in real time, which means that we round up to the nearest second, not minute. You are not under contract to pay for a bundle of minutes. You pay only for the actual operator time used.

Call Center Plus 24/7 live pediatric practice answering service will save you both time and money. Download our order form or give us a call. Mention Answering Service for Pediatricians or Pediatric Answering Service and get the first hour of set up free.