Naturopathic-Holistic Practice Answering Service

Why does a naturopathic/holistic practice need an answering service?

Your patients come to you for a more natural or holistic approach to their healthcare. They do not expect to see you or your staff feeling at all anxious or stressed about answering a non-stop ringing phone. And yet, they do expect to get someone on the phone every time they call you, no matter the time of day or night!  So what do you do about that ringing phone? Chances are, you could use the services of a live 24/hour naturopathic-holistic practice answering service to help you manage your growing business. Call Center Plus Naturopathic-Holistic answering service is the help you are looking for.

Voice mail = no human contact

Naturopathic Answering Service
Naturopathic Answering Service

Human contact and human interaction go a long way towards the healing process. Voice mail and answering machines leave most of us feeling a little cold. There is no real human contact. When your patients or potential patients call your office they want to speak to a real person, especially when they are in pain! If they get your voicemail, your loyal patients will probably leave a message or try to call back later. But did you know that a new potential patient will probably just try the next person in the phone book? Do you want to risk losing that caller as a lifelong patient?

When you have a 24 hour, live, naturopathic answering service, your phones will always be answered. You will function better during the day and be able to sleep at night knowing your phones are being answered.

You will save money and make money!

Not only will you save money (office staff is costly), chances are great you will also make money by using a dependable, friendly answering service. Let’s say that someone is looking for the services you provide and you charge $150.00 per session. Your phone rings and the caller gets your voicemail message. They may leave a message, but like we stated before, they will most likely call your competitor and make the appointment there. Now you have lost that initial $150.00 and you have lost the revenue generated from a life-long patient! If that same call had been taken by one of our friendly, professional staff, they could have taken a message and reassured the caller you would be returning the call or even scheduled an appointment. You would be making money.

How does it work?

When we get your call, we will answer your phones in your answer phrase. This establishes continuity between you, the call center, and your patient.  Our operators can take messages and deliver them to you immediately through email, SMS text, patching the caller, dispatching the message or by any combination of those methods.  If you use an internet based scheduling program we can make, cancel, or reschedule your appointments. We can answer basic questions (office hours, etc.) but will never diagnose. We are HIPAA compliant so you can be assured that your patients will be treated with the same level of confidentiality as you would offer.

What is the cost?

We offer a cost effective alternative to employing a full time receptionist. For what you would pay a 40 hour a week receptionist, you could use our services 24/7/365.  We bill every 4 weeks (28 day billing cycle). You will be billed a nominal account maintenance fee, and then just actual operator time. We do not round up to the nearest minute, just the nearest second. You are paying a receptionist whether she is answering the phones or not. There is not a set amount of minutes you have to sign up for. Use 20 minutes or 2000, it does not matter since you are only paying for the actual minutes used in a billing cycle.

Call Center Plus Naturopathic-Holistic Answering Services is the perfect match for your needs. You get 100 percent of our services 100 percent of the time. We customize our services to meet your needs, not the other way around.

Combine your passion for holistic/naturopathic healing and our passion for excellent customer service and we create a perfect combination for dependable, professional, and specialized care for your patients.  Download our order form to get started or just give us a call. Be sure to ask if there are any specials going on!

Call Center Plus. We answer your phones!

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