Towing Company Answering Service

The customer is in crisis mode…they just had an accident, the transmission went out, the electrical system suddenly stopped working, the engine threw a rod, etc. There are many reasons a person needs a towing service, which is why you need an answering service for your towing company. Yours is a competitive business.  When someone needs

Towing Dispatch Call Center

Answering Service for Towing Company

you they need you right now. They are not going to leave a voice mail. They will go to the next towing company in the book if you do not get you on the phone.  A towing service answering service will give you greater access to clients or potential clients who are in need of your services 24/7.

Call Center Plus is the perfect call center for your towing company needs. Here’s why:

  • We answer the phone 24/7. That means you or your on-call techs are always accessible to your customers whether you are in the office, out on a job, at your son’s soccer game, or tucked in bed.
  • We gather all the important information you need from the caller, such as caller name, phone, location, nature of emergency or call, vehicle particulars, etc.
  • Once we gather the caller’s information, we patch or dispatch the call to you or you on-call tech. We also deliver the information to you by SMS text, email, fax, or a combination of these so you have records of everything.
  • We are a US based company that does not out-source our services. Everything is handled in our office. We have been in business over 20 years. We are friendly, compassionate, professional, prompt, and detail oriented.
  • You are not locked into a contract to pay for a certain number of minutes in a package or to stay with our services for a certain length of time. You just pay a nominal account maintenance fee each billing cycle and then pay for the operator time used. We bill in real time which means we round the time to the nearest second.
  • We are familiar with Fleetmatics, Towbook, and RangerSST. If you use any of these services to dispatch calls and keep track of your drivers, we already know what’s going on!

Haul yourself over to our About pages to find out more about Ilene and who we are at Call Center Plus.  Then come back here and feel free to request a brochure and our set-up form. Mention that you found us on our website and get your set-up for free.

Using a call center for your towing company just makes sense. We are up all hours of the day anyway, so let us answer your phones.

Mention Towing Answering Service or Answering Service for Towing Company for a free one hour setup.

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