Scheduling Services

Whether you run a medical clinic, dental office, insurance agency, appraisal service, beauty salon, massage business, physical therapy office, attorney’s office, nail salon, day spa, auto repair shop, hotel, restaurant, financial services office, contracting service, realty office, carpet or house cleaning business, or any other kind of business where people need to make an appointment, you need a streamlined, accessible, and affordable appointment scheduling system like Call Center Plus Scheduling Services. You already have a busy schedule and a busier life! Let us relieve the stress of always needing to be available.  We are here for you 24/7/365.  Never worry about an unanswered call meaning an unscheduled appointment and loss of a customer again.

Call Center Plus is your complete customer service call center. 

Scheduling Services

Call Center for Scheduling Services

When you combine our technology with our experienced, professional operators, we can meet the needs of your growing business.

If you use an internet based scheduling system we can help you schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments.  We make it as seamless as possible for you and your clients.  You will be able see what we see in real time as the appointments are entered in the calendar. This eliminates the possibility of double booking from the office. Once we have scheduled or changed an appointment in any way, we will send you a follow up email with details of the change to the calendar.

The billing for our services is simple.

You are charged a nominal account maintenance fee each 4 week billing cycle and then just for the operator time used. We bill in real time, which means that the call is rounded to the nearest second, not minute. We never make you sign up for bundled minute packages. You only paying for the actual time used.

To receive a form to setup a Scheduling Services account with Call Center Plus, sign up below!  

If your caller needs something rather than to schedule an appointment, we will gather their information and sent it to you via email, text message, or both. We can also dispatch the information to you if the call is urgent, and in an emergency situation, we can patch the call straight to you.  If you have the need, we can even make those reminder calls for your next day’s appointments. With Call Center Plus you get all of our services all of the time. No matter what service we provide for you, the price stays the same.

Check us out. Give us a call.

Call Center Plus … your complete customer service center.

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