Photographer Answering Services

If you are a professional, you choose your equipment with care. You may have a great setting, cooperative clients, and perfect lighting, but if you have mediocre equipment to take the pictures, you are not going to get the best results.  When it comes to customer care, you also want the best. Call Center Plus’s Photography answering services gives you just that. We are your 24/7/365 customer service answering service.

Photographers know that the perfect shot does not come with a “do over”.

Answering Service for Photographers

Photographers Answering Service

Sometimes you only have one chance to take that perfect picture. The same philosophy applies to how your clients and potential clients are greeted when they call your business. When you can’t answer a call, are your phones being answered promptly and professionally by a friendly person, or are you having them go to voice mail? Voice mail may be convenient for you, but did you know that most people do not leave messages anymore? They want to talk to someone right now and many assume they will not get a call back quickly enough and will choose to look elsewhere. You will lose new clients who could have generated repeat business and referrals. You cannot have a “do over” on making a first impression.

We answer your ringing phones in your answer phrase and gather all the info you need. From there we can take a message, schedule an appointment, answer general questions, and keep telemarketers far from you. We will immediately send you that information in an email, or SMS text message, or both. If you want, we can patch the caller right to you. We can do everything to keep you running smoothly except be your 2nd shooter.

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Think you cannot afford us?

You cannot afford not to hire us.  Ask yourself this. How much would you lose if you missed a big wedding package call? At least a couple thousand dollars or more.  We charge a nominal account maintenance fee every 4 weeks. You are then charged a simple per-minute charge, billed in real time. We round to the nearest second not minute. You are only charged for the time used. The cost to hire us as your “receptionist” is a fraction of what you would lose if you lost a wedding shoot.

Your success is our focus.

We are a US based company with decades of experience. Our technology is cutting edge.  English is our first language. We are dedicated to giving you the most complete customer service available. Explore our website. Give us a call with any questions.

Call Center Plus … your customer care answering service.

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