Maid Services Answering Service

In a fairy-tale world, all anyone who wants a clean house would have to do is what Snow White does … just sing a little song and all your forest friends would come to help clean the home. But reality is not a fairy-tale and no amount of singing will bring in the little forest friend to clean a home! Many people cannot or do not want to clean their homes. That is why your maid services are so needed. Whether you are getting a home ready for a one-time big event or doing a weekly cleaning job, answering the phone while running the vacuum is very inconvenient. But letting the call go to voice mail is about as big of a mistake as cleaning a mirror with milk. It leaves things cloudy.

Can you afford to miss a call?

Answering Service for Maid Services

Maid Service Answering Service

Let’s face it, leaving voice mail is becoming a thing of the past. If a caller doesn’t get you on the phone, they will just call your competition. If the competition answers the phone, they get to book the job, not you. Losing one job is really never losing just one job. You lose any future jobs with that person and any word of mouth bookings you could have gotten because of them.
You cannot effectively answer the phone and wash windows at the same time. You need someone to answer your phones when you can’t. You need someone to schedule appointments, take care of pesky telemarketers, provide basic information, and give your image that sparkling look! You need Call Center Plus Maid Services answering services.

How does it work?

Call Center Plus is a US based call center. English is out first language. We do not broker your business, meaning we do not sign you up and then give your business to a different call center. We handle everything from signing you up, to programming your account, to answering your phones, all here at our location. Call Center Plus is your complete customer service center.

To receive a form to setup a Maid Service Answering Service account with Call Center Plus, enter your information below!

We will give you a proprietary number to forward your calls to. We answer in your answer phrase then we can take messages and schedule appointments for you. We notify you of the call via email or SMS text message, or both. If necessary, we can even patch a caller to you. We customize our services around your needs, not the other way around.

Whatever you need to make your business shine, we can help.

We are like you when it comes to billing. You only charge for the jobs you do. You would not dust, vacuum, mop, and clean mirrors and then charge the client for washing windows as well. We do not sell you a bundle of minutes that you may or may not use. You only pay for the time actually used. We bill on a 4 week billing cycle. You pay a small account maintenance fee and then just for the minutes used to gather the necessary information. We bill in real time, which means we only round to the nearest second, not minute. That saves you money.

The next best thing to cleaning forest friends is Call Center Plus Maid Services answering service.
Check out all we have to offer on our web site, then call us with any additional questions you may have. We are here to help you shine.

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